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R.I.P Clive Burr (Iron Maiden Drummer)



The good old early days before Nicko. Not that I mind Nicko you understand. His "listen with Nicko" tracks on the singles were excellent.
As I'm not yet old enough to have received my telegram from the Queen, I had to Google this 'Iron Maiden'.

My research has led to the conclusion that they're some sort of early version of One Direction.

Popular with women at the time, but now supported entirely by insecure men with flabby arms and leather jackets who see this symbol as an expression of rebellion, rather than the cringe-worthy display of sheep-like obedience it actually represents.

Sad new's indeedy... Will have a few beerios tonight for him whilst listening to "The Number of the beast album".....
Just got home from work, found out the news........."Invaders" CRANKED, Check. Nice cold brew, Check.

RIP Clive, Many thanks for contributing to my youth.

Debating on going to Download Festival 2013 to see Maiden, Should be a cracker.
"I was there for Clive"

Brixton Academy march 2002

They sold all the merchandise for The Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. You know how HM fans love a black T! Great gig.

RIP Clive, Up the Irons!
I bought Killers on cassette from the Naafi at Cambrai after my first pay parade....then realised wouldn't be able to listen to it until first home weekend as radio/cassettes were verboten....well worth the wait tho! Still got it!
Some odd things were on my shopping list that night...Dura what????

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