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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by trojan1, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. The course has changed from what i think was 3 weeks down to 7 days. Does anyone know what it consist of now?
  2. Why in the hell would they do that?

    I didn't enjoy the course, but that is fcuking stupid.

    I expect the first thing to go would be the exercise and all the tasks that go with it.
  3. I have heard that it was not a great course in the past, i say with tongue in cheek. I maybe wrong as i have not yet done it.
    I think that it will not be around for too much longer.
  4. I always thought it was the course for Cpl to Sgt, although it was only ever really done by SNCO's. If it's gong what will replace it. just 7 days of report writing?

    To go:


    To Keep

    Report\Mil Writing
  5. The SNCO course was reduced a couple of years ago down to 7 days it did not last too long was soon increased up to 14
  6. It has reduced to 5 days. The Comd Wing are pretty busy with Comd Cse's recently - they are just starting their 5th SNCO Cse this year, another to follow in 2 weeks time. add to that the JCC's and Tp Comd stuff they are flat out.
    The SNCO cse still does the HARD RUN session, Admin Instruction, verbal debrief, SNCO Cse dinner (by the way - the dinner is open to guests now), drill/kit inspection. Then an end of cse debrief on the 5th day.
  7. And you will get out of it the squareroot of fcuk all.

    If the Comd wing are pushed that hard they should have more staff. Oh sorry, they are all off on tour somewhere aren't they!!!!!!! :frustrated:
  8. I did mine over 3 years ago now, and can I ask if I am on my own in thinking that regardless as to how long the course is (mine was 2 weeks) you actually came away learning F*CK all? it was'nt particulary hard and all it achieved was a further 2 weeks away from my unit (35 at the time) which was just before going on Telic.
    Basically I believe they should iether make it a longer and a better educational course or bin it totally,
    If it requires more bullsh!t and more in depth lessons and excercises, then so be it. (Senior Brecon is about 3 months and they get proper fu*ked about, but come off it feeling better and more knowledgeable about themselves).
    But to make it even shorter with less content is purely a waste of an individuals and instructers time and money(Flights,Accom,Food,Travel expences etc etc)
    So with todays current climate on ops, I think the binning it would be a better option, as like I said 5 days is totally pointless.
  9. I totally agree that it was a bag of sh1te. Did mine '94 IIRC. They need to have the course or something to have the transition from Cpl to Sgt. The powers that be need to determine what the purpose of the course is first. Then you can proceed with the layout. Could some of the course be done on other courses ie Section banana's, plant sect cmdr's, Crew Cmdr's and the like? As these are the people more than likely going onto Fld Sgt's cse and will they need to do a SNCO's cse?