R.E.M.E. to take a big hit

Discussion in 'REME' started by Dog_onatank, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Wonder if anyone else has heard on the grape vine what came out of the big D.E.M.E. A conf last week...
    Duty Rumour has it we are to take a 15.1% reduction in manning and 2 trades scraped plus, 1 Bn to to go most likely is 19CSS.
  2. I thought it was a given that 19CSS was going.

    2 Trades to go? Gone or just converged? Like no more A and B mech, just super mechs.
  3. Yes it looks like 19 will go but the manpower will not, they will be put elsewhere. The only manpower cuts are as per redundancies.

    As for trades - There are NO plans to scrap any trades, Shipwrights trg has moved to Bordon that is all. Someone 'floated' around VM's could do Recovery.....yes it has been 'floating' around for a while now. Nothing in the plans so don't panic if your a Recy Mech. It has been looked at and the Brig did say it could be an option in the future but only if REME had to give up some manpower.
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  4. Going back to U mech to get people in and out of Bordon ASAP, then back to Bordon for any specialist equipment courses.

    As for 19CSS, was it not just an experiment that didn't work?
  5. What manpower? Most units have a shortfall in tradesmen.
  6. The way I heard it was what ever can be contracted out will be why pay military guys a wedge when you can get a civvy in to do it for peanuts and that goes for Recy mechs and metalsmiths. As for the 15% thats about 1500 blokes to me thats a big hit...
  7. I'd love to see a civvy being told to recover a wagon that's in the shite in the sandpit :)
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  8. **** me, nice maths, are you a tiffy you thick ****?
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  9. Not in that sense bud being one of gods trade myself totally against any merger however take a typical LAD with 5 or so blokes back on camp and being a non productive trade, bar lifting tackle and MT type stuff we don't do much else so why not employ someone to do all that for 20k a year and then save yourself xxxk a year. With 20bn quid needed in savings needed non of us are safe.
  10. Some units have more REME than they could ever ever need. Sgt armourer, lcpl class 1 armourer, crafty and 2 civis. To serve the foundation college??? pfft, I could do it on my own and still be bored. They need to rework the whole assignment and send the best guys where they are needed and reduce unnecessary staffing such as this.
  11. Lets get rid of all the decent postings where someone might be able to do some mental or physical rehab, do some courses/education and make them want to sign off even quicker.

    Failing that we could just rotate people through tours and REME Battalions making them really happy :)
  12. Tech stores to RLC :)
  13. Or, transfer all responsibility for ES Material to the REME, increase our stores trade by rebadging RLC bods to our Corps. We then control and prioritise all ES Material.

    RLC can then focus on convoys and C Supps, cause they love trucking big commodities, water, fuel, rats and ammo around and aren't really interested in spanners, gearboxes, etc (and that is from a RLC forum).

    One Capbadge then fixes stuff and controls and holds the spares to do it. A REME Bn would then support its Bde QM's, however Cmdr ES then has a greater knowledge of what is in his Bde spares wise and can prioritise spares and troops to task as per the Bde Cmdrs/battlefield requirements.

    One capbadge, one poc, one CofC making decisions on spares, not first come first served.

    Just a thought...............................otherwise quite happy to rebadge RLC, give me a wider job role to play in.
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  14. Stop talking sense drifter! Somebody might hear you!
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  15. So when are 4 CS and 6 CS Bns getting amalgamated (or even 104 FS Bn as well)? Already sharing much of their real estate and duties, why not combine them into a super Bn. Reduce the top level command by 2/3, and cut out a large proportion of middle management as well.