R.E Job Information despiratly needed.

Hey everyone... im currently in week 12 of phase 1 training... I am penciled in to do C3S in R.E. I chose this job because I had no GCSE's on phase 1 entry... but during the last 12 weeks, I have gained a level 2 City in Guilds in Maths and English, (level 2 is equal to GCSE A-C) so am now looking to get a better job which will enable me to become more qualified in civi-street... I am attempting to transfer to Signals, but it doesnt look like its going to happen.. does anyone know what jobs are actually good for qualifications in R.E for when I leave?

Just looking for some help with direction, because being a crow, i aint got a clue. thankyou for reading this.

week 12 crow
Try speaking to the RCMO at Gib, might be able to point you in the right direction... then again, i'm not 100% sure myself.
Get yourself a trade! electrician would be good, costs a fortune on civvi st to get your part p. and i have never met a skint sparky!

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