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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BlackStonePanda, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this has been mentioned before at all but i was always under the impression that 1 RA were a Mechanised infantry unit and 2 RA were a Light Role. Is this still correct? Only reason i ask is i read various pieces of conflicting information saying that 1 RA were now just Light role also. is this the case or are they made up of both Light and mech. Only reason i ask is i was gonna go mech and in particular wanted the RA due to family tradition, and if they're now not operating in a Mech role thats well f**ked my decision up :( Hmph

    Also as an aside are you more or less permanently operating out of a vehicle in mech inf or do you still do rotations through the various outposts and perform foot patrols...!?

    Cheers for any replies. And if possible can they be factual answers rather than dare i say 'Rumour' :excited:
  2. hello blackstonepanda,

    1 royal anglian is both mech and light role if i rember rightly change roles every three year's but since ops over sea's iraq-afghanistan there isnt much of a mech role needed in afghan.

    royal marines and house cav ect are training to drive these vechiles now and are deploying to afghan to drive and man these with inf roles working close by 1 royal anglian has taken on more of a light role over the last few years as this role is in more demand but i have heard that when needed 1royal anglian will be going back to a mech role . hope this helps
  3. First things first: The RA is the Royal Artillery. R ANGLIAN is the correct abbreviation for the Royal Anglians. Now, what was the question?
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  4. 1 R Anglian is still Mechanised and is currently preparing to move from Pirbright to Bulford. 1 R Anglian and elements of 3 R Anglian are deploying on H16 next year.

    2 R Anglian is Light Role and are based in Cyprus. Today (01/11/11) they hand over TRB to (if I recall right) one of the Duke's battalions.
  5. Bang on! 2 R ANGLIAN will be staying Light Role, but as previously mentioned, still Arms Plotting (although may change with the withdrawal from Germany) And to just to re-enforce Queensmans post, RA IS ******* NOT the The Royal Anglian Regiment!!! 1 R ANGLIAN, 2 R ANGLIAN & 3 R ANGLIAN, SIMPLES!!!!!!!
  6. mart2108

    mart2108 Swinger Reviewer

    im 1 royal anglian in support company we are no longer mech and havnt been for a while we are light role have been for 2 years nearly and yes we are deploying next year. hope this helps
  7. The Poachers are coming off their arms plot rotation, Trenchard Bks is closing after the RRF leave. They are going to RAF Cottesmore when they return from Cyprus (was in the news a while back). And yes they are deploying on Herrick in the new year in the light role.
  8. he seems like a kid showing interest. so dont be a sad old computer basher and give him shit for a simple mistake no one else has.... if you would like to read it again without the need to be pandantic you will understand the question..