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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BristolLad, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Hey up lads, haven't been on here in a while but haven't been able to find any information anywhere. As you have probably gathered by now, i'm from Bristol. You might ask "why do you want to go Anglian's and not rifles or grenadiers as they are the local reg". Well for a good few reasons & I've heard some good things about them.

    I don't want to go Rifles and wont be pushed into them because they are my local reg, it just isn't for me! Yeah i know 1 RIFLES are part of 3 cdo, but really it doesn't make them any different (which everybody bangs on about).

    My question is, do they specifically recruit ONLY from certain areas, i know essex, norfolk and others around that way. Would i be able to change my job choice to R ANGLIANS even though i'm not in the local recruiting region? My old tutor back in college is one of the recruiters, he said i could choose any reg, doesnt have to be local. But my new recruiter is rifles and basically made the choice of RIFLES for me.

    I'm clued up and not your average civvie as i was going RM years ago. IF any one has an answer to this i'd be grateful!

    Cheers lads.
  2. You can join whatever you want. My local Regt was DERR but I joined the RGJ. We had blokes from all over the world in the Bn, including jocks!
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, just what i thought. Though i feel a bit of pressure coming from the recruiter to join either Rifles or Artillery, i know artillery need filling up in the recruiters eyes and will push people into open jobs.

    But i'm set on what i'm joining and he know's it. Well, time to ruin his day and go R ANGLIANS when i'm in on Wednesday! Haha.
  4. Do it, stick to your guns. R ANGLIAN are a good regiment too, confident without being arrogant and very professional from my experience of them.
  5. Exactly the stuff i want to hear, i enjoy hearing feedback from lads on them as it gives me an idea of what kind of regiment they are. Postings are pretty decent too, and one of the battalions is due to move to Bulford soon so i hear?

    Thanks mate, will stick to it! Appreciate the replies very much.
  6. I believe you can join any regiment, but if you don't have any family ties to the Regiment you might find it hard to get allocated a place if they have plenty of "local" guys waiting to join, your recruiter will be able to advise you on the rules etc
  7. Haha crow ;). Yeah you are probably right they will have a lot of local lads wanting to go in and they only have two reg battalions where as rifles have 5 reg battalions which is why a lot of lads get offered rifles.

    I'll still see whats what during the week, my old recruiter/tutor is Rifles and he was the one that said "Just because Rifles or Grenadiers are the local regiment here, you can go for any regiment you like, even R ANGLIANS". But getting allocated a date is probably a different story, as things can still change even after ADSC.
  8. The Royal Anglians are my local regiment but I decided to join the Royal Green Jackets. What ever regiment you end up in, be it the Rifles or the Royal Anglians they are both fine regiments.
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  9. Thanks for the reply also, good to be reassured on this. I think its just my recruiter trying to fill up jobs or push me into "his" regiment. Getting to unit in any inf regiment is a great achievement in itself, i'm sure i'll be happy with whatever regiment i choose after 26 weeks of training having bonded with the lads, think it'll be R Anglians i'll be heading too if i have my way.

    I'll find out Wednesday though after my 2nd barb! Grrr
  10. Its a local regiment for local people, there's nothing for you here....

    **** it just crack on with it lad, good luck
  11. What he said

    What he means

  12. Cynical maybe, but if you don't want to join The Rifles because everyone says you should, how are you going to take it when you're in and you are told to do something you don't want to do...
  13. Haha resistance is indeed futile! Cant escape the name! Pretty much all of the recruiters here are Grenadiers or Rifles so anyone going infantry they'll offer one of the two if you ask for infantry, as they obviously can give the most information on those two regiments. I think the confusion within my AFCO is I had Rifles down on my last application, so he looked up and thought "Rifles then".

    I haven't a problem with discipline or receiving a s**** detail and will crack on. I have a good, strong mind state and extremely mature attitude. Its purely just personal preference. The Rifles are a great regiment, most of my friends which have went inf have ended up in 1 and 4 Rifles. I'm not picky, just thought i'd go for something different, doubt the recruiters hear R Anglians as a job choice much here haha.

    Thanks for the replies Bravo & Bam.
  14. then join the Rifles - they do EVERYTHING different to the rest of the Army - no Red Coats like everyone else, no Heavy Drill like everyone else, no ridiculous word of command 'SHUN!" like everyone else, no shiny boots like everyone else, no shiny buttons like everyone else, no bayonets (Rifles get issued swords), you get to be called a Rifleman instead of a Private like everyone else, a choice of 5 battalions, roles and locations during your career and you get to wear a green beret too :)

    in all fairness though i've always respected the Poachers, Pompadours and Vikings.