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Does anyone remember having thier RnR in a place called Watamu onnthe Kenyan coast?
I have just seen the old RnR base advertised in the Guardian travel as a luxury travel destination. Does this mean the tree hugging cardigan wearing Guardian readers called Gideon and Aubery will be rubbing shoulders with Dinger , Donger, Banger, Wanger and Clanger who are down on the coast relaxing by drinking crates of tuska beer like the world is going to end in the next hour ?
coastal tourism in kenya has been shafted in last few years, the paradise bombing knocked back the tourist industry recovery from the embassy bombs and bone overstated security warnings from OSAC/ Emabassy RSOs haven't helped. Hotel owners will pack in who ever they can, to save a decrepid industry.

Doesn't help that a few hotels have been set up with dodgy funds and friends of the previous president, moi. Doesn't also help that some scientist has proved that stupidity is now congenital in the coast population due to malaria and so the few staff that do get hotels working come from nairobi and are hated for taking local jobs!

Very likely dinger et al will be sharing the beach with fat beached whale europeans on package holidays. Few new years back, one came out at dawn as the ministry of sound beach party was winding down and started fighting with the dj. moral of the story don't disturb Klaus when eating his muesli !
Why fond memories Ho, the all night"Boom Boom" bar next to the luxury accommodation..... The R+R train crashed of a high viaduct some weeks after we returned, Killed about 200 locals as I remember. Could have easily been one of the Coy groups, Although the pain would have been eased by Tuska......

They have R+R at Lake Nevasha last I heard something to do with Aid's.....


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Yeah, Watamu's a great place as long as you keep away from the local mahouris.
The hotels range from filthy little kayas to the stupidly expensive like Hemingway's, who kindly, if unknowingly, donated a huge towel. Cheers easy.

The advantage of these expensive beach hotels is that fat aging businessmen take their trophy wives and girlfriends there in a feeble attempt to impress them, and when these captains of industry are ensconced in the bar drinking overpriced concoctions decorated with non-hetero umbrellas while lying about some fish they'd caught, 'their' bikini-clad yummy is going ABC-airtight big style on the stoep.

Happy days.


We watched the bruno/tyson fight in Hemingways. I just hope our drunken antics and high jinks horse play didn't spoil things for the afore mentioned fat buisnessmen.
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