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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scooperman, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Somebody at work was talking to me about joining the R.A.F regiment yesterday, and i was really just wondering, and i ask this question not to cause offence or kick off a c**k waving match, but howcome you chose it over something like infantry. Not being a trained soldier, i was just wondering why you would prefer R.A.F regiment as opposed to infantry, and vice versa. Also, are all R.A.F regiment members parachute trained? It's just i asked him had he cnsidered infantry, he said no, but had no idea why he preferred R.A.F over them.
  2. 1. Maybe he likes standing in one place on guard whilst telling all and sundry that he's SF?

    2. Not intelligent enough for the infantry?

    And no - not all rock apes are para trained.
  3. Oh god, not again :(
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    deja vu...

    no wait its deja vu
  5. You are so right Chrisg46-its deja vu all over again. :omfg:
  6. Scooperman, this could turn into a c*ck waving match, and as others have stated, it's been done before. There are numerous threads, so use the search facility to avoid causing unnecessary repitition. And then go and look on e-Goat for some balance.

    1) Rock Apes do not stag-on any more than the Army, it's a specialised infantry role not guard duty. That's what snowdrops are for :twisted:
    2) The Army's infantry has a wider more varied role. Although I was in the Reserve Forces I left the RAuxAF not because it wasn't great but because I wanted the opportunity to try out the other roles (morters, assault pioneer etc.) that an infantry batallion offers. Plus in the regs there is the option to me mechanised and/or armoured.
  7. I knew you was going to say that. :D
  8. Better food / accom?
  9. Yeah, i found the threads a few minutes after i posted that :oops: , but they more seemed to be an argument of which was better, rather than why people would prefer either one. Having done neither, i though it would be quite interesting to ask people who have actually done one of them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I have had mates join both, and both really loved what they joined.

    However only the RAF ones seemed to have a chip on their shoulder though, one guy pretty much blanked me in a pub after he'd been RAF Reg for a while. I think it was because I was worse than being in the Army - I was TA!

    Mates that joined the RM always seemed the most positive - about their jobs, life in general and their hair gel.
  11. All in it boils down to what YOU want out of the job !. have a look at the recruiting stuff, web pages etc. If you want to be airborne well us Gunners have only 2Sqd who are airborne, the Army has obviously by nature of its size far more profesions to chose from in that area. Remember the RAF Regt is only a small part of the RAF, you wont find yourself on gate guard, but your choice of roles will be less than the Army can offer. Saying that i am an Ex Rock & i am glad that i served & given the choice would do so again. We do what we do, the Army does what it does, the Regt was designed to fit a specific role for the RAF by the RAF & as the nature of the beast changes then so does our role. It is personal preferance, but whatever you go for good luck.
  12. Apod


    Ice Cream

    Real soldiers

    Para trained

    Sh1t officers.

    Better than Army

    Can do army job

    Stags on

    There you go. I have just finished the 20 page thread for you.

    Edit because i missed out EFI Patrol and Sunglasses.
  13. oh god here we f*cking go again 1) the RAF regiment is a corp of men whose main job is to protect the airfield they also train and teach the Raf's tradesmen the joys of nbc ccs weapons handling 2)they have a sqn that is parachute trained (the only ones who actually earn there wings in the RAF)3) the entrance exam is harder than the army's full stop 4) people with chips on there shoulders walk in all forms of life you will always have ********* who think there better than you from a personal point I've always beaten any one who's sneered at me having batted on both sides of the wicket i think i know what im talking about 5)a terrorist bomb bullet or rocket does not discriminate between regular and reservist when you look down on someone who's been blown to bits do you wonder if hes a stupid stab tosser regular no you see someone you had a laugh and a joke with a mate who lent you a fiver because you were skint in my eyes a reservist is worth three regulars due to the fact he can and will do more than his regular counterpart just turning up for a training evening is allways going that bit more
  14. Marmoset, i think you misunderstood, the guy i was talking to at work want's to join the r.a.f regiment. It was just interesting to see how people differentiated between the two.
  15. You will at my place.
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