R.A.C. Going to Pirbright?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr Durp, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Hello lads and ladies,

    love the site and the mental comments and fantastic sense of humour. Quick question, though.
    I am off to pirbright on 24th June, but I am joining SCOT DG's. My understanding was that no RAC trained there, and the web seems to point in a similar direction. Just hoping some other people might be in same boat else wise I am going to look like an eejit turning up there....the old saying "You're not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you're definitely a tool" moment.

    Tanks and thanks
  2. You. Lucky. Sod.
  3. Adult Phase 1 training can be at either Pirbright or Winchester now for 14 weeks for all except Infantry who still go to ITC Catterick for 26 to 28 weeks. Just do as instructed by your CSM at the NRC.
  4. very smooth there fella.
  5. Leebar, I am a n00b here, please tell me you where sincere? Lie if you have to but please tell me you where being sincere lol.
    Thanks Iron. I was just a little caught off guard with the pamphlet they sent saying no RAC train here, but come along anyway. Ill admit my general gut instinct was just to go, so that's cleared up. Thanks guys.
  6. It's alright fella, i was being very sincere, RAC - armored regiment is actually my first choice, so i would literally kill to be in your position right now.. If you dont mind i have a few questions for you:

    1) how tall are you?

    2) what grade did you get at adsc?

    3) how long from adsc did it take to get a date for your intake?
  7. Lee is getting a wee bit twitchy and antsy while waiting to get his application over and get to Phase One. The excitable chimp :p

    Bless him

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  8. Excited is an understatement
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  9. Phew lol thought there would be horror stories or getting my nails pulled out, or hot poker to my eyes....or my big toe shaved-you know, really cruel stuff...

    No I don't mind at all bud. I am 177 cm, I got an A with 124 points, or about that, and I was given my date approx 5 days later.

    Which RAC reg you want? I hear that my unit is being delegated to driving warthogs and the like. Not quite the Challenger MKII I was hoping for, but at least I still get to drive
  10. Oh, p.s. I was at ADSC in feb. I know a few other lads who where B and C and one other tankie at a D grade who I think got there start dates
  11. That should send the bugger right through the roof..... Right.... About........... Now.

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  12. Ahhh shit, i'm 188cm. Well done on getting an A grade though mate, and it sucks to hear about the scott's DG being delegated, i'm going for 1st RTR, hoping it'll give me the best shot of being with the challenger 2's
  13. I do try grim...I do try... (Whistle innocently while wandering off to do more lurking)
  14. Holy shit, how did they do so bad?

    Btw what was your run time?
  15. Maybe a bone question, but does size make an impact, ie does it mean they won't take you....? And please no innuendo there.
    If you don't mind me asking, I am guessing you have had some feed back, or something. They just dragging their feet? And have you done ADSC? I just caught the old system. Supposedly the new way is really not rather good for speed etc...