QVRM - How do I make a nomination?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bits, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. I have a soldier I would like to nominate for the Queen's Volunteer Reserve Medal (QVRM). Can anybody tell me how to make this nomination, or where I can get more information. Don't say 'ask RAO' because they haven't got a clue. The ever helpful TA Regs also don't tell you exactly what needs to be done.

    Any advice?
  2. The rules came out on a DCI I seem to remember. I do recall noting that time spent on FTRS, previous regular service and time spent in the reserves all counted (otherwise I would never have got mine :D ).

    G1 at Bde leveshould be able to give you the ge if your unit can't/won't.
  3. :oops: My mistake, sorry.
  4. I managed this once, but by accident (I'd nominated the person concerned for an MBE).

    Div had pushed out a letter saying "why aren't more people nominated for MBE / QVRM / GOC's commendation" to Unit HQs (The answer? Because we didn't know we could, and wouldn't have known how to). Our ever-efficient Adjutant promptly passed the buck downwards to sub-units, and it was the first time in my case that I'd seen the appropriate paperwork (I'd always thought that this was something that the CO kept under his control, much like CRs in the days before SDR).

    It's not a big form, (maybe two pages, IIRC) and it gets passed up through Unit / Bde / Div to the appropriate committee, with each layer making sure that they back the nomination.

    First thing, bear in mind that the key dates have a long lead time. They've got to be in lots of months in advance, and the dates concerned aren't negotiable. Second thing, get help from the CO. Tell the CO what you want to do, and why; if the CO disagrees, it's going nowhere. The CO has probably got a lot more experience of writing citations, etc. Get it done early, so that you can revise it if necessary. The CO will be doing the same thing with the Brigadier.

    In our case, I ended up writing a letter to the CO after the List after I'd handed over, asking why I'd heard nothing, and seen nothing in the Honours List....turned out that there had been some revisions, but that no-one had kept me informed! Anyway, things had been in progress (I got a nice letter back from the CO) and about two months later, I saw QVRM in the Honours List. About two years, flash to bang, unfortunately.

    It's like promotion boards - keep absolutely stumm during the whole process until you see the formal announcement, otherwise you will cause grief; "you told me I was getting an MBE at least, and all I got was a GOC's commendation", etc, etc.
  5. Nominations on the usual Army F Hons 776 form. The chain of command should be sending out directed letters asking for nominations. However, don't hold your breath. The original intent was for services to the Reserve Forces (TA) at all levels. Examples given were such as helping out in recruitment and good administration and skill at arms. However, it has now broadly become the preserve of the great and the good.

    It is normally expected that a person has the VRSM (10 years service) before being recommended.

    Good Luck.