qusetion about allowences

Im getting posted soon from NI to the south of england , and as a result will need to spend some time in hotels along the way while waiting for the removals to be delivered . ive been told by the civvies in my pay office im entiltled to four nights in hotels at public expence but have to pay for the hotels and food myself then claim it back when I get to my new unit . However when I got posted to NI my old unit gave me an allowence proir to moving that covered the costs of hotels and food and I posted them my recipts back as proof .Does any one know where I stand and which is the correct procedure to follow? any help would be greatfully recived :? :?
Unit are reluctant to advance monies to personnel who are being posted because it is not very easy to recover the money. It requires the new unit transfering the money via our illiustrious finance systems. It could be argued that you get Disturbance Allowance to cover the costs of your hotels. As to you posting the receipts back to your old unit, all i can say is if i was your FSA i wouldn't do it that way!
Most units should advance you 80% of your costs, so you resolve the claim to get the remainder. However if you are junior in rank and think you will struggle to pay up front - go to the RAO and explain. If this fails get your Tp Comd/OC involved.

The majority of RAO offices have set procedures in place, but if you explain your problem they will generally be able and willing to help - as they control this aspect of pay and dont have to rely on Glasgow.
From the good book

03.0169. Advances. Advances of up to 100% of the anticipated subsistence expenditure are permissible. Advances not cleared by the 31st day after completion of the duty for which the advance was authorised will be deducted direct from the Service person’s pay account. Service personnel in possession of an MOD AMEX card or a Government Procurement Card (GPC) should use those to pay bills rather than seek an advance of subsistence expenses.

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