Qusetion about adequate boots for P oy

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wanaBairborneATPR, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. I hope to be attempting P Coy in the very near future. However, I have no idea which boots would best suit the task. Some of my mates recommend LOWA's, but personally i prefer non-goretex as my feet sweat enough without. I did buy a cheap pair of Magnum's for £70, but then i do not have the opportunity to wear them all the time since they do not allow anything other then issued boots at my Phase2 TR. I do hear that Altberg boots are very good, light and very weather proof. I think ideally what i'm looking for is a light boot for fast tabbing, non-goretex and lasts for a while out in the field. Could anyone help please?? Thanks a lot.
  2. Try DMS boots and putties....... worked for me and thousands of others,

    I'd say whatever you feel comfotable in,well broken in beforehand
  3. Sorry. never heard of DMS or putties?? And thanks for your comment on my other post mate, I'm itching for a shot at it!! I did want to transfer and go Para reg, but everyone i spoke in and out the army advised me to stay Air Corps, i even bumped into a Sgt in 3PARA and he said the same thing!! Get a trade and its worth more when you finish your service. It does seem the sensible thing to do, but i still want to earn the wings! Could you explain what DMS and putties are then please? Thanks mate
  4. Altberg.
  5. I was showing my age :D they went out in the 80's replaced by high top boots, the putties were like WW1 but shorter,
    I had a trade before I joined up, so had something to fall back on when i left.
    Ignore the dms and putties,I was having a senior moment :D :wink:

  6. I despair. Now I'm my granddad.
  7. Didnt no you could choose what boots you used.
  8. What was wrong with Boots Ankle DMS then? As long as you wore Socks Thick you couldn't go wrong ,or have i gone senile? :lol:
  9. Sigh,the young soldiers of today dont know what they missed

    oops another senior moment there :wink:
  10. Burn the magnums
  11. I would say it's more about which boots fit your feet properly and are confortable. Most companies use lasts that are slightly different in shape and one make may be more suitable than another. Once you get to Altberg/Lowa levels of cost all the boots are very good and fit for purpose, it's more about what suits you. I have some non-Goretex Lowas that are great, but there are Meindls and Hanwags too that have a similar foot shape.

    You really need to try as many as you can and get them fitted properly if possible.
  12. Gungy ,does your name reflect your service ? Or are you a soap dodger :lol:
  13. Sorry Sandy, but that is totally gash advice to a young lad in training.

    Sell them on EBay as genuine Apache pilot boots worn while dealing out death to suntanned people in foriegn climes. Ask 150 quid for them (which is about 149.99 more than they are worth).

    Magnums are only fit for using when eating yorkie bars in the cab of a truck. For P Coy here is a really novel idea: wear your issue boots! By now they should be really well worn in, and believe it or not, are actually ok at what they do. When I did P Coy in '92 I wore issue boots and they gave me no trouble. Also I didn't cry when they got scraped to fúck on barbed wire, going over walls, etc as I knew that as soon as the course was finished I could exchange them for a new pair, rather than shelling out another 150-200 quid for gucci boots. (I passed by the way)

    Good luck.
  14. Anyway is P OY a new sort of fiendish beasting that i haven't heard about?
  15. People in the Regt.would know what my Battalion was :D :wink:

    ask one of them 8)