Quran or Mein Kampf!

Whilst I admire his call to ban the unholy book, to compare that truly evil tome to Mein Kampf is being somewhat harsh on herr Hitler.
Yes but Mein kampf is less Anti Semitic.
Good on him. He'd have been arrested for that in this country (hate crime!)...unfortunately that's not even a joke...
This Dutch idiot, and those expressing sentiments like him, have clearly got no idea of what Islam is, have never read any of the Koran, and really have no idea of what they are foaming at the mouth about.

It's mostly the Old Testament guys! Go read some of it! Criticise it when you know what you're talking about! If you still want to that is. Who knows, you might even appreciate what it says about respecting and loving people and living a good life.

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