Quran burnt at WTC site

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ACAB, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. Individual filmed burning a Quran at the site of the WTC before being escorted away by NYPD

    LiveLeak.com - Quran burned at WTC site

    Oops, Islamic loon outrage donkey and cart being refuelled as we speak
  2. It's a burden being me, sometimes: I said a couple of days ago that the Djinn was out of the bottle, even if Pastor Y. Sam had dropped his, and it was only a matter of time before someone, somewhere had a Bonfire of The Korans.

    Given that "Sense of Humour" and "Muslims" are not words often used in the same sentence, the next few hours should prove interesting...I'd better check my supply of beer and Peanut M&M's...
  3. Whats funny is that Quran burning is not unique and does happen if you go on youtube you can find a number of videos of people burning the Quran and it gets little attention.
    Yet one old pastor said he might and the whole Muslim world goes nuts.
  4. FFS, he was burning it a page at a time?! Looks like he only managed a couple of pages before NYPD stopped him.

    I know it's the thought that counts, especially to muslims, but poor drills.
  5. A sound idea methinks!
  6. Had to love the picture yesteday of a Muslim woman in full Ninja dress holding up the placard with, "You burn the Koran, you BURNED in Hell!" written on it.
  7. Aren't there any Muslim grammar Nazis?
  8. Nothing about it on the Beeb so far...
  9. Yeah, but they are too busy killing people who mis-spell Mohhammed...oh, bugger...
  10. So the American state will support the building of a mosque there using the excuse of their inalienable freedom of expression, but will jump hard on anyone else who wants to do the same. Bloody hypocrites.
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  11. I'm surprised NYPD stepped in; I thought the whole problem of the pastors threat to burn the koran was that it was his right to do so and there was no legal way to stop him.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    no, they were all absorbed into the muslim anti-chess and 'generally having any kind of fun at all, even slightly' squad.
  13. An elite unit who's motto is, "Never forget. Never forgive. Never for fun".
  14. Public safety? Causing an obstruction? Incitement to religious hatred? Are they laws in USA?
  15. I'm not even an expert on the laws of this country, Legs, but I believe everything you just mentioned takes second place to the Right to Freedom of Speech. Otherwise the FBI etc would have been down on the pastor like a ton of rectangular building things as soon as he started mouthing off.

    Standing by to be corrected.