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EEEEEEEEHHH. I love quotes, me.
Some of the best posts on the ARRSE have been enhanced by some cracking quotes.
So let's see some of your favourite quotes, be they factual or fictitious.
Some of my favourites are-

Bunny from Platoon.
"He's laughin' at you man, that's the way the gook laughs."

Another Platoon classic, Junior talking to Bunny
"The only way you gone get some pu-ssy is if a b1tch dies and wills it to you. And then, maybe....."

The Simpsons- Barney addressing Lisa when suggests everyone turns vegetarian.

Con Air

Poe - if you talk to my wife tell her i love her shes my hummin bird etc etc etc

Larkin - Sure i will, what are you going to do for me?

Poe - What do you think im guna do? Im guna save the fcuking day (in your best deep south alabama inbred accent)

Damn im sad

(Edited by me so that foul language is slightly misspelt to show up)
And im going to have to admint to watching the OC for this one (IM SORRY but come on have you seen the talent on it!)

Anyay this waiter offers julie cooper (some old slag) an oyster and she says

"No way if im going to swallow something that disgusting there'd better be something in it for me"

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