quotes about the paras

does any one know the exact wording of the republican quote about the paras. It is featured in Michael Ashers book it's something about them being uneducated thugs employed by the british imperialist government as a killer force. Cheers for any help offfered
"uneducated thugs employed by the british imperialist government as a killer force"

That's the Traffic Warden department of Hounslow TC, not Para Regt. I swear, come the revolution....
Goose_Rider said:
Sluice_dweller said:
Para, para in the sky,
Living proof that a man can make a parachute descent,
and rip my spine out through my arsse-hole,
because I deserve it, being a PONTI

Silly Me

Nice one ! :lol:
Hmmm far be it from me to incur the wrath of our airborne friends but that doesn't rhyme! No wonder they think you are unedu............. Well I'll leave it there!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Asher the Mad Explorer also quotes from a wall in, I think, Derry:

"Though I walk through the Valley of Death I shall feel no evil,
For I am the evilest bastard in the valley

Signed: A Para"
In "Killing Zone", Harry Macallion quotes a Republican newspaper: "Paras are human Alsations."
I always thought this to be extremely insulting to dogs.


You've got a nursey pal called Liz
who thinks everything Airborne's the biz
She goes like a train,
and doesn't mind pain,
and she looks like that fat lass from Viz
.....and on the eight day, God created the Paratrooper and the devil stood to attention.......

Asher didn't say that because he's a cock stand.
Bits said:
"Paras are to soldiering as rabies is to dogs." Bits
Ignorant Cnut. What makes you the world's foremost expert on Paras? Read this you bellend, then try and convince me that this Gentlemen, unlike yourself, doesn't know what he was talking about.

'What manner of men are these that wear the maroon beret ?
They are firstly, all volunteers and are then toughened by hard physical training. As a result they have that infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from physical well being. They have jumped from the air and by doing so have conquered fear. Their duty lies in the van of battle: They are proud of their honour and have never failed any task. They have the highest standards in all things whether it be skill in battle or smartness in execution of all peacetime duties. They have shown themselves to as tenacious and determined in defence as they are in attack. They are in fact men apart. Every man an Emperor.'

Field Marshall The Viscount of Alamein
I guess it isnt "Angels with dirty faces" (from the Bosche). Was particularly effed off with the stupid scouse slags "Sugarbabes" using this as a title of one of their mass produced pieces of shite.

Perhaps it goes like this:

"Beware the Gods who walk amongst men. By their maroon regalia shall thou know them. Cross them not, for if thou shalt be a fornicator and unclean in the eyes of the Lord, these His Servants, Gods amongst Men, shall name thee "Scrote" and verily will thy testicals be shorn from your body, yea, even unto the end of days, when Ulster shall still be part of the most Holy and Blessed realm of Great Britain and Northern Ireland."
I recall a wrecked Fiat that had the caption

Designed by Italians
Built by robots
Driven by Joyriders
Stopped by A company X Para (forgotten which)

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