Quote me happy - my arrse!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by floppyjocky, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. The things you do when bored, well this is one of them.

    Call Norwich Union:

    NU - Hello, Norwich union insurance, Debbie speaking, how can I help?
    Me - Hi, I'd like you to quote me happy!
    Debbie - (veiled "I haven't heard that 100 times today snigger"), certainly Sir, can i take your name please?
    Me - it's green, and it's a hatchback!
    Debbie - yes Sir, I will need more details.........
    Me interrupting - Sorry, i said it's green and it's a hatchback! go for it and QUOTE ME HAPPY!
    Debbie - Sir, are you seriously after a quote today?
    Me - Yes, for a green hatchback
    Debbie - Hangs up

    Oh well, kept me busy for 2 minutes.
  2. They won't insure me at all! Not even a quote. They go all quiet then say 'err...We'll have to phone you back' but never do.

    Only ever made 2 claims on my insurance for burglaries over 10 years ago. Never made any claim on motor insurance.

    Funny that all the big players seem reluctant to insure me and my car, but the smaller independents give me great deals.

    More than : 3rd party, fire and theft, fcuk all else : 816 quid!!!!
    Yes Car insurance : Fully comp, free breakdown rec and journey completion, homestart, courtesy car for 2 weeks legal aid etc; etc, 226 quid. And that with only one years no claims, as I havent had my 'own' car for a few years

    Fuck 'em. There not spending my money on dreary facile adverts.
  3. Anyone see that Top Gear where Clarkson was driving through Europe in a £5 million Bugatti and got bored, so he tryed to insure it with norwich union? They didn't even know it existed :lol:
  4. I already have my insurance with the quote you happy lot - they say theyll beat your current quote - if i keep on phoning up and asking to be quoted happy will they eventually end up paying me to be insured with them ??????
  5. floppyjockey - i like your sense of humour, pi55ing myself laughing here. lol lol lol
  6. £170 more than Admiral at my last Quote :?
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    This just proves the power of advertising and we are all gullible and ripe for the plucking.

    That’s why it costs so much.
  8. it disgusts me how most of the main insurance providers will not cover Northern Ireland for some reason. i am now paying about £400 more for the same car as last year when i was living in England. Arrse!!!!!!
  9. AA sent me a renewal notice - 'Gosh, thats a bit steep' methinks.

    Ring round getting a few other offers, then I think to ring the AA and pretend to be a new customer. I was surprised when they offered me a £100 less than the renewal letter - but not as surprised as the woman selling it was when I told her. She spouted some guff about not understanding how that could happen, I told her that it was them expecting folks to just sign the Direct Debit and send it back.

    Still went with them though. Just goes to show - ALWAYS ring round, EVERY year and don't just assume they are giving you the best offer.

  10. Top man that Clarkson I reckon he would have made a good squaddie
  11. Clarkson is the man, I reakon he deserves his own thread. Everyone either loves him or hates him.

    Wonder who did insure that Bugatti for that journey knowing Jeremys passion for breaking the speed limit.
  12. Ill probably be laffed at for this but neway

    my insurance is set to run out v shortly, will be SORNing the car and hopefully scrapping it
    i got 3 points a while ago for speeding thru a motorway temp lower speed limit, sorted all that out + paid bills etc
    only prob is i havent declared the points to my insurance, shall i do it ASAP or can i admit it next time im bac kon the road :s (in a few months)

  13. And your point is ... ?
  14. The only problem you will encounter is if you need to make a claim on your policy as a worse case scenario would see the claim invalidated because of non-disclosure. Remember if an insurance company can get out of paying a claim they will. If it is an SP50 or below the premium loading won't be too severe. as to the loggie'scomment this is too true- a new quote premium is ALWAYS cheaper than an existing policy. A quick cheat is to get a new quote at renewal with anyone and cancel after 14 days free of charge. You are then "legall" entitled to get acheaper quote from your existing provider a take on a new policy. :wink:
  15. 'quote me happy' wanted £1800 to ensure me, a 32 yo with no points or convictions and been driving since in was 18 - on a 2003 1.6 Vauxhall Zafira.

    local job did it for £300.