Quote... "How thick are our squaddies?"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Awol, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. I've just been reading the thread and it's absolute drivel. Its unbelievable how ignorant and ill-informed some people can be yet maintain an air of undeniable self-righteousness.

    I'm waiting to get my password thingy then i'm going to unleash merry hell...
  2. I've just read the response to the watertight slamming. "its been 50 years"
    W T F?

    Before we 'unleash merry hell' - perhaps its best to consider the fact that each of these critters put "lol" somewhere in their post. That makes them deficient in a whole spectrum of ways - Trolls. Its not worth the time. Although meeting the ignoramii in person would be entertaining...
  3. Wasted a few minutes of my life reading some of that drivel as well - the numpties are not worth it
  4. Makes you want to post, but I'm staying well clear for fear of getting so worked up I damage my computer.
    Only worth having a debate with folk like that in a dark alley with a large bat.
  5. After reading the threads it is very much a misunderstanding that has been jumped on by all.

    The original poster questioned the intelligence of the Soldiers who alledgedly commited these acts then took piccies then took said piccies to Boots to develop. After that it has turned into a debate about all Soldiers being thick and the relevance of the selfess commitment of soldiers during the Falklands war and so on.

    Just stay clear, let the little kiddies play on their mummies PC. It will only wind you up!!
  6. Have to disagree Disco, Wanadoo/Freeserve is the UK's largest ISP and those comments are on their main forum. Those tossers are presumably being read by thousands.
  7. I agree with you but against their mindset you will not achieve anything, its like talking to a brick wall, you can see what generation thats posting.

    The irony is the freedom they express today was given by servicemen and women of the past, but becuase of the real lack of threat to them (UK last 20 years) they cannot properly judge just how much was given by them and just how much they should value todays armed forces.

    The only real way they would understand would be for the UK (or the world) to become embrioled into a large scale conventional armed conflict)

    Just let it go.

  8. I have to say, being from the generation that appears to be posting here, I feel frankly embarrassed, at their naivety, and ignorance.
  9. RTFQ


    Can we start a new thread on there?

    "How stupid are our civvies?"

    Although having witnessed their stunning grasp of history, erudite debating skills and witty use of the phrase "lol", I fear we may be shot down in flames.... :roll:
  10. It's not just our generation that is scoobied on this. There are plenty of middle aged protesters who appear to have forgotten what their parents suffered for their freedom.

    They are better just left to rot.
  11. Well there's only one thing for it then................

    A Mil.com style invasion by arrse members to educate the thick chav cnuts :twisted:
  12. pity by the time i got to this the initial post on that linked thread was deleted. judging from replies to it though it would appear it was a cheap shot full of nasty generalisations by ill-informed "wannabes" whom could not pick their nose without assistance let alone get a life. obviously if soldiers are not killed on uk soil to them it does not count as "action" :evil:
    i am sure a small squad of arrse-rs could educate them using "reasonable and proportional force" of course....
  13. RTFQ


    Unfortunately some opinions take a lot more than words to change. In the same way that nothing short of a miracle would convince me that certain tracts of society are valid human beings, we're not going going to win any battles by going toe to toe with ill educated and intellectually lethargic non-entities, they just look away from the scrren and bask in their undeserved self-righteousness.

    The sacrifices made by members of the forces, past and present, have not been done for public recognition or praise - they've been done because of a necessity that is the consequence of the ignorance, naivety and laziness inherent in a self gratifying world. Those sacrifices will continue to be made for the same reasons.

    Fcuk em and what they think. My kids will grow up in a free country, they will read about nazis in a book, they'll view communism as nothing more than a idiosyncratic political ideal and they won't have to adhere to shariah law just because some crazy bast@rds with AKs and IEDs say they should.
  14. Same here, the initial post has been deleted. Many people now posting in in our favour.