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How come we cannot put more than 5 Quotes in per person?
The quotes module? If so you should be able to put in as many as you want and I like the quotes - I should make more use of them to be honest.

I haven't approved many 'a mate of mine' type quotes, probably about half of the 'CSM Y Coy' types, but have approved almost all of the normal (serious and / or historical) ones. I also normally check the latter for accuracy. I think there's a place for all, but want to keep that sort of ratio and there's plenty of room elsewhere for "i'll shove my pacestick....".

What I must do is make that policy clear on the submit quotes pages, and if yours haven't made it through I apologise - it will go on the list.
I placed 5 quotes by the late great Sir Winston Churchill, and when i went to put another one, it wouldnt let me stating i could only place a max of 5, could you please investigate.

Error message reads

Your limit of 5 quotes has been reached.

You may continue to edit, or delete your existing quotes

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Ty GCO :)

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