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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Sappers_Gal, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Many many years ago I lived in married quarters in Longmoor and am wondering whether 1 Quorn Terrace is still there.

    I gather Longmoor is now used for training and while googling found a reference to Quorn Terrace being used for FIBUA training. If true I don't suppose theres much of it left.

  2. I can't tell you if 1 Quorn Terrace is still there even though I have used Longmoor FIBUA (COIN) village many times, if I wasn't crawling through the sewers or hard targeting between building then I was either bombing up or getting a brew on, and didn't have time to notice road signs.

    If you ask on the AGC forum, if there are any RMP CPU guys on there, they may be able to help as they live in Longmoor camp and spend a lot of time training in the COIN.

    Hope this helps

  3. Thanks T_M I appreciate your advice
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    A quick Google reveals that Quorn Terrace was/is just inside the gates of Longmoor opposite the guardroom on the left. Those houses are still there. I assume this is correct.

    The Fibua is over by the railway sidings, about 1/3-1/2 a mile straight ahead.

    Google Earth shows the whole lot.

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  6. Many thanks maninblack, it sounds as though it could still be there. Would be marvellous if I could take a photo of the old homestead as I hope to start writing my Dad's Army Service history soon. I have photos of all the army quarters we lived in except Longmoor, and I still live in Hampshire so not too far away. What are my chances if I turned up at the Guardroom clutching a camera?
  7. T_M Thanks for the photo, I didn't find that one while googling. Dad was an RE SNCO and the military railway was still in operation when we lived at Longmoor (1952-early1956) - it was his last posting before he left the army.

    I was but a young thing of course. I usually caught the bus to school in Petersfield, but if I was late I rode on The Bullet down to Liss and picked up the bus from there.
  8. So then, can you confirm that Quorn Terrace is/was at the entrance to the camp, or is it in the FIBUA (COIN) complex, according to the link below, your road was earmarked to be sold off to generate revenue to maintain Longmoor camp.


    To answer your question about taking photographs, if it is indeed the houses which are at the entrance to the camp, these are outside the wire, and possibly now civilian houses, if it is inside the wire and on the COIN, then your chances of getting a photo are slim because the COIN is a restricted area.

    You are probably better off asking the Guardroom before you tip up with a camera in you hand, I will PM you their phone number, they should be able to put you in touch with someone you can give you clearance to take photos inside.
  9. If it is the houses outside the gate there is a small cul-de-sac on the left, just as you come off the A3 from London, they look about 1920s build and the last time I was there they were condemned (but civvy contractors-Aramark I think) were living there. Hope this helps.
  10. Check your PM Sappers_Gal
  11. Hiya, Came across this forum, when I was looking through the web for items about Longmoor. This place still holds a fascination for me after many years. I lived there as a very young child in Baden-Powell road, and a little later at Pretoria Close, and then many, many years later at No 1 Quorn Terrace!!!! When my husband worked for the mod. We had the house which we rented from the defence land agent at the time. I left there about fifteen years ago, but know that the house, and no 2 are still lived in! Though looking much more attractive than when I lived there! There were only those two houses, and a detached house, which was used for training accomodation, and the flats, which name I forget, at the back of the houses, they were used as traning accomodation. I have lovely memories of all the times at lLongmoor, and would love to hear from anyone else who lived there.
  12. Well I never expected 1 Quorn Terrace to get a mention again, and certainly not from someone else who lived there! We were there from 1952-56, Dad's last posting, after six years overseas - Egypt and Malta.

    When I saw it again about 18 months ago nos 1 & 2 Quorn Terrace were much smarter than I remembered them, though the flats behind were boarded up and sad looking. Just checked the photos I took, the flats are called Rufford Quarters, I remember them from when we lived in Longmoor, but just cannot remember what the detached house was used for.

    Longmoor was much bigger when we lived there, there was a road behind the quarters, then a small wood. We lost a budgie who flew out of an open window and into the trees, never saw him again and my heart was broken. Memories, eh! Was the Bullet still running when you lived there?
  13. hello there, glad to hear you went back to see it! yes longmoor was a bit different back then, for one, it didn't have the A3 running by it, just a smaller through road. I lived there 1965-1967 then again 1969-1972 and back again in1995-1999, which was when we lived at no1!, Thanks for reminding me of the name of the flats, was bothering me all day. I went to the little infant school there, which, I believe is still there, when I lived there as an adult, I had the opportunity to wander around, and the memories came flooding back! the naafi shop, Was a place I used to go in to spend the odd two pence! As an adult I had a little job working at the naafi club, which was fully operational in the nineties. I remember the Bullet, but unsure if it was operational, but was fascinated to learn that the childrens story of "thomas the tank engine" was based on it!! The house incidentally was lovely while i lived there, still had the original kitchen, with the fantastic larder, the lovely corner fireplace in the lounge, and the dining room still had the shelves either side of the fireplace, upstairs was pretty much the same, and it was a beautiful home to live in, would have stayed for ever, but I got divorced, and had no rights to stay there!There are loads of other things, I remember, but would be writing for ever! for some reason, I still have a huge emotional attachment to longmoor, and drive past it quite often, as I live not too far away. Take care, and kind regards to you.
  14. My dad was in the Royal Engineers and we were in Longmoor 1964 - 1967 i think. I went to the infants school just over the road from the church. My teacher was Mrs Husband and i remember the Headmistress was called Mrs King. I did two years there, then started at liss CP before my dad left the army. we lived at no. 5 Pretoria Close. in my limited geography that would have been at the back of the camp and a short walk to Weavers down. Friends I can remember were Gordon Bonzer, Steven Shirley, Bobby Hufton and a beautiful girl called Penny whose parent's ran the post office. Often caught the Bullet into Liss to go to the bicycle repair man! If anyone has group photos from the school, or any info from that era i would love to hear from them. Best wishes. Nicholas Roberts