Quod licet Jovi non licet bovi

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to the ox

    From point of view of US/UK Iran hasn't right to develop nuclear weapons (btw I prefer to see Iran without nukes too). But


  2. Do you do personal horoscopes as well? I'm a Scorpio.
  3. Well I think we can all agree that for safety reasons alone Russians should not be allowed to play with submarines.
  4. Alas, too late.


  5. I have a prediction for Scorpions. If this week a Scorpio finds an eagle with broken wing on Trafalgar square then he(she) will not win 1 million Pounds in lottery this month. So avoid eagles with broken wing or don't visit Trafalgar square at all.

    My prediction is very reliable.
  6. Quote:
    Russia successfully test-launched a newly-developed intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday, the navy said, The Associated Press reported.
    The Bulava, a solid fuel missile, blasted off from the nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoy in the White Sea and hit its designated target in the far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, chief naval spokesman Capt. Igor Dygalo said in a statement.
    Who lives there that have p*ssed the Russians off lately I wonder.
  7. Any idea where it actually landed or should I look for a sturdy table to hide under??
  8. The submarine was in White Sea (few hundred km. Eastward from Finland). Btw, there is an old monastery on Solovetskiye islands. I visited that place long ago and had seen marks made by British rounds in the monastery (during Crimean war it was shelled by British navy).

    Huge Kamchatka Peninsula is on Russian Far East and looks like a fish. Btw, main port there - Petropavlovsk was shelled by the British also 150 years ago.
  9. Hmm! Nice, How much are they Sergey?
  10. Am I right in thinking that if the UK gave up it's nuclear deterrent - it would also cast doubt on it's right to be a permanent member of the Security Council?
  11. Yeah -that is part of the little known Alaska Campaign in the Crimean war. The much feared Russian Invasion of Canada.
  12. I don't know Benjamin. There is some information



    What else? 10 warheads, 550 Ktonns each. Range 8000 (or 10000?) km. Just new missile system, not the first, not the last. Probably it is not for sale. So the UK has to develop own missile system.

    Returning to the theme on this thread, I strongly doubt that Iranians would receive this technology.
  13. Looks uncallily like a Trident 2 D5 knockoff, come to think of it. Specs pretty much the same, too.

    Will Russia be selling this to China? Maybe Iran?