Qulifications, good. Body, bad.

CURVY?????? She's a friggin hippo.
You look a mess - you would be representing my firm and the clients would not be impressed at my lack of professionalism in hiring you...
Cor, if she wore her old mans unit t-shirt, dirty adidas and some "far too tight" ronhills , she could get a job
as a bus escort or playground assistant.

Leaning on the wooden surface aint helping her,,it looks like she is spilling over it !

the second pic,,I'm scared , militant female !
I think she has self worth issues that are causing her to come acrosss in a way that doesn't endear herself to potential employers and it has as much to do with that as her weight,If she can manage to work on her self esteem I'm sure she'll have no problem gaining employment irrespective of her size or weight.

Nah, she's a fat greedy cunt with a slow metabolism and fuckin fast chip eating hands, who can't get a job because she would spend too much of her employers time cramming pies and buns into her gaping fucking pie hole! She needs to stop fucking whining and and start getting her lardy carcase moving (preferably away from the chip shop and not to it) enough to wobble off some of the mounds of blubber. Or she could get into obese porn.
If they can't look after themselves then they can't look after my business or my clients.

Unless the clients are the Russian space program and we use here as a landing mat for returning space craft.

Purify with sharp instruments and strong fire.
Skinny English harlot, in Ballymena she'd be strongly advised to start double buttering her fried soda.


Book Reviewer
Bull Shit.

I've seen troglodytes who make her look like Kate Moss get gainful 'professional' employment.
Regional Food Taster for Ginster Pies have an opening............
Not if they have anything to sell to the public they won't.

Is she highly qualified in a way that that other bint (& the council house alternative in Metro) were highly beautiful?

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