12/16. That would be about right, I've only ever been caught on 4 occasions in the last 6 years, all in Liverpool funnily enough.


blue_sophist said:
Fugly has the lead so far ... takes one to know one ... ;-)
Fuck! Rumbled!

However, i must burst the bubble. It can't be true, because i'd never get any work done: If I wasn't having a wank, i'd be playing with my tits all day
14, but to be fair, the photos didn't show a good shot of an Adams Apple, or a c0ck jammed in to a bikini bottom.
blue_sophist said:
Fugly said:
I can ping a ladyboy, but apparently have less success spotting a minge.
There's no hope!
The smell is often a useful clue ...
What does a tache smell like then?
Well I can identify a minge but I'm unlikely to see one judging by my selection of 'female'.

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