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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cider, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Good evening everyone I wonder if you could help me with a charity quiz as I'm stuck on one question and can't find the answer anywhere. "What part of a soldier's uniform in the British army is his Hairy Mary". Sorry if it's obvious but I'm not from a forces background.

    Thanks in advance and a happy new year.

  2. thought a hairy mary was a kind of cake...

  3. 'Hairy Mary' - the untidy, overgrown and thoroughly unkempt pubic area of a common female bog troll
  4. His sporran???
  5. When you refer to ' a soldier', is it a male or female soldier?
  6. The question on the printed sheet says "his".

  7. believe its one of the old kf shirts or the old bd dress jacket = but ppretty certain its a shirt
  8. the reason being the material was so rough you either had to shave the inside or give it a damn fine going over with a really hot iron or else it would itch you to death - far worse than crabs ever could
  9. I still had a shirt itchy in the early 90's, RSM hated it, damn thing was almost see through by the time it was buried with full military honours. well when i say full military honours, it got the best we could manage while bladdered on herfy handbags at midnight on a weekend. think it ended up in the rose bed outside the CO's office
  10. ANy battledress or old style service dress . Due to the reasons given above . Itchy
  11. All miles off. I shan't spoil it though.
  12. Give us a clue
  13. Clue - Boer War.
  14. ciders question referred to army uniform so i think the battle dress/shirt is the right answer
    mover is on about a steam engine from the boer war that was protected from rifle fire with rope.
  15. hairy mary - my money is with the old issue og shirt