Quiz-Can you count the different "uniforms?"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Reputedly a pic of ST6:

  2. I reckon.......errrrrrr.....8?
  3. They all look like big timing tools, that's uniformity isn't it?
  4. Look like Rebel Forces on Planet Hoth walts
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    1. Always the same, as in character or degree; unvarying.
    2. Conforming to one principle, standard, or rule; consistent.
    3. Being the same as or consonant with another or others.
    4. Unvaried in texture, colour, or design.

    None, going by the meaning of "Uniform"
  6. They're very good models.
  7. I like the one with the Hexi blocks on his webbing belt.
  8. I found the variety of footwear interesting as well. I would think being so cutting edge that at least one would be wearing the Vibram FiveFingers, that seem to be the flavor of the year for eye-catching running footwear.
  9. The guy standing far right looks like he's wearing an East German coal scuttle as the flare sticks out more than on the usual Kevlar. Are they all wearing Skeletor masks? :?
  10. Keeping a keen eye on the... footwear.... eh?

    Were you taking a keen interest in the colours as well?

    Frankly, JJH, I'm worried. You've made it too far with your respectability intact to mount a late-in-life conversion to being a friend of Dorothy.

    The Gay Police are watching you - walk carefully now, and don't mince.
  11. The death masks went out of favour in the US Military after Fallujah. Everybody in one Marine Company that wore one or painted one on got the chop. Read "We were one" by Patrick K O'Donnell. Bit like the only two people who collected ears off Argie dead in the Falklands both got killed. It made sure that it was a non habbit forming vice. This must be fake.
  12. They all look like the same uniform to me
  13. Among other things, 1st and 6th wearing long sleeve and short sleeve underarmor it appears while all others have BDU shirts.