Quitting uni and joining the TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Ivyswirl, May 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently in uni (I have been in 2 years, but on 2 different degrees, so switching is not an option really, I've already tried, and still dislike it.)
    and looking at quitting and joining the TA, whilst working. I currently am balancing a degree I lack any motivation for and full time work at the moment.
    I realise quitting uni is not what many people wish me to do and may not be the smartest option but I do not wish to waste years on something I am don't particularly care about, and am unready to do, although later in life I would not mind gaining more qualifications.
    My main problems and questions lie in the application to join, as I have previously self harmed a couple of times a few yearsago when i was 16 or so I have a few scars on my arm, but have never been on any medication or treatment. I was taken to the doctors, but nothing ever followed as I did not wish treatment for something I now consider to be mild teenage dression, the same as many other people at the time during our little 'goth phase'.
    Will this bar me from applying or am I still able to get in? I have 10 GCSEs, 2 AS Levels, 3 A Levels, so am neither totally unintelligent and am a confident, determined person, and I really don't wish any small past dumb moments to ruin something I have wanted for years.
  2. This is getting boring now.
  3. If I was too lazy to walk to my local TA Centre or ring them, I'd probably slash my arms as well.
  4. Quit uni, if you don't like it. Do something else, you can go back in a few years perhaps, and not run up huge debts on a fail or 3rd.

    Speak to the recruiters re your goth thing.
  5. easy mate, don't tell them. Why let a small blip in yur past riun things?
    now toughen up, make a decision and stick to it.
  6. Wouldn't advise quitting Uni, especially if you've changed the course twice mate. You might well be intelligent, but unless you got straight A's at GCSE, AS and A-Levels, the fact you dropped out of uni doesn't look good to an employer. Stick it out, do TA at the same time I'd say.
  7. If I recall correctly, more than one incidence of self-harming will bar you from serving. It's up to you whether you tell them or not, but keeping it from them wouldn't really seem consistent with the "I" in CDRILS.

    As others have said, keep at uni. It doesn't look great if you drop out, to employers or to the Army. Plus it'll cost a hell of a lot more to go back in a year or two.
  8. You sound like a ******* slack loser, with commitment issues! You'll fit in with the TA no problems.
  9. my advice is to join mil/int they will defo have you?
  10. Hahahahaha. No.

    Being able to do a degree (or, in the OP's case, jack half way and walk) means **** all as far as MI is concerned. Pass the interview, TA selection, technical selection, CMS and the A3(V) - then we're talking.
  11. well my lot dont want him either and you lot make excellent tea?
  12. Thought we had this one already. Wasn't this the fella who accidently self harmed himself? I really would love to know how you accidently self harm.
  13. Never met the drone, but it seems to me that he has all the hallmarks of the sort of person who gets picked on and leaves after a while. I could be wrong. So why not post a pic of yourself so we can see if you have a punch-me face.
  14. turn up to the TA centre with your wrist still bleeding then tear the trouser leg off your jeans and demonstrate your ability to apply a tourniquet in double quick time. Theyll definately have you, If you do this whilst wearing a "The Cure" T shirt, and some eyeliner I cant see why they wont let you in as part of their diversity training.

    Failing that, Dry your eyes apprecaite you arent going to get a degree because you cant stick at things, and that in the military the basic principle of our day to day existence is sticking at things we dont like, Be it stagging on it hot dusty places, getting told what to do by bosses that cant see things from our position, or being asked to reached unlikely deadlines such as 2 Miles away in under 16 minutes with 44Lbs on our backs, No one will want your excuses and unless you stop making them, htey will willingly provied you with the necessary life advice.

    Unlike the others if you have self Harmed i would say, Fu<K off, I dont want you or anyone like you sat in an Afghan CP with me when your girlfriend dumps you. and you are on stag with an Ebluey Licking your flash eliminator. Everyone gets miserable but you ahve shown you cant cope with it.

    If Youll excuse me I have to go and collect my compassion from the last person I leant it to.
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  15. WAH shield ON
    Exactly, OP there will be times during basic training when you will be cold/hungry/tired/pissed off and if instead of getting on with it like everyone else you decide to get super acquainted with a combi-tool you are showing that you can't work as part of a team and can't handle demanding situations!
    I would certainly stick with Uni, at some point you wanted to do your current course, so get a grip and assess your options post graduation.
    WAH shield OFF