Quitting smoking

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by shifty18, Dec 5, 2007.

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    one week and three days I have been smoke free and I feel better already.

    Theres my bit, Shifty.
  2. Nice going!!
  3. This may sound like a pi$$ take but its really not if you do find yourself strggling give hypnotherapy a try.
    One of my parents did and they havn't looked back. Just a suggestion but good luck
  4. I decided yesterday to quit, will see how it goes!
  5. Good luck to you both. I stopped once, for 6 months, then started again. Still smoking, but I enjoy it ;)
  6. I'm with you - Sunday 25.11.07 was my last fag! Good luck mate!
  7. I accidently gave up smoking three months ago, now I only smoke when I'm on TA time or as a treat. Proply smoke around 12-14 a month as apposed to 10 a day.
  8. I used to smoke 20-25 a day for about 38 years then my daughter said that she wanted her son (my grandson) to be able to take me for his first legal pint when he's 18. That concentrates the mind, only 14 years to go!
  9. Hello my name is Steven and I am an ex-smoker.

    It has been 287 days since my last cigarette. :)

    Nicotine chewing gum and lots of exercise did it for me.

    Take it in 3s - First 3 days, first 3 weeks, first 3 months and give your self a reward at each point.

    In 13 days I have reached my first 3 100 days. Time to buy a nice expensive bottle of scotch I think :lol:

    Stick at it and good luck.
  10. I have aswell 6 days now,i only find it hard at nights,i go for a run whenever i want one and it works! Im only going to keep off them till i get fit and pass Pcoy.
  11. Ooh, a cigarette would go really well with that scotch!!! :D :evil:

    Only joking - you're doing great!
  12. So you intend to restart afterwards? :?
  13. I gave up New years day 2007, I know it's normally a bad idea, but this time it's worked so far.

    For those of you still struggling....heres a thought. I smoked 20 a day @ £5.00 a pack (approx). So on !st Jan 2008, I will have saved £1825.00.

    Apart from the health benefits and my food tasting better, (plus it's one less thing for Mrs Slaw to nag about) I can now afford a VERY expensive bottle of single malt....what's that dearest...no, no ..i'm not going to waste it.
  14. No the reason i have stoped is because i want to get in the Paras.I think i worded it wrong.
  15. Well done :)

    Wait for the decline of fitness before it improves ;)

    Clearing out the old paggered lungs