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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Why do these arse bandits have to have these things? We don't have hetrosexual parades. If they want to bum each other fine, just keep it off the streets.
  2. The fact that some people harbour homophobic prejudices is no reason to limit the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly of others.

    If you want to organise a heterosexual pride march, who is stopping you?
  3. You call it that, I call it not liking something that is not normal.
  4. Well, personally I don't see a reason to have a hetrosexual parade and I don't see why gay people need to have them. It is not homophobic its just decency. If they want to promote bumming then do it after the watershed, not in front of kids and not in the streets...unless in a red light district of course.
  5. Do you worry a lot about the goings on in Serbia?
  6. Not me, I am just talking in general.
  7. As it happens i aint got a problem with homosexuals if they wish to sodomise one another fine, get on with it, what i do have a problem with is them shoving it my and every one elses face as if they hold the moral high ground.
  8. What is normal?
  9. Heterosexual sex is not normal to a homosexual. Then again, a lot of men like bumming women or would if they could.
  10. I do, I mean they do ahem...
  11. Don't forget that there are many gays working in the media.Thus they push this agenda,whenever they can.
  12. There would an uproar on the grounds that a hetrosexual pride march didn't include "people of different sexual persuasions".

    It would be like trying to have a St Georges day parade or an England day.

    Nothing to do with homosexuals, but there would be wailing and nashing of teeth.
  13. Something that would enable the human race to carry on.
  14. Does a bj do that ?doubt ud b refusing that off ur g/f or missus. And pack that wnaking in too whislt ur at it. :?