Quit Robinson FFS!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. I fully expected a shoeing from the All Blacks, but today was a farce. A team devoid of leadership from the top down. Robinson should see the writing on the wall, and he should fall on his sword NOW. We will not retain the WC, but we need all the preparation we can to avoid a total embarrassment. Robinson doesn't have a clue what is going on.

    GO NOW.
  2. He's only partly to blame. The players are professionals and played like kids. They have to accept the blame, or a large part of it.
    In my humble opinion the problem seems to be a total lack of leaders who are willing to step up to the mark when the goung gets tough. These guys are paid to perform throughout the whole season not just when they feel like it.
    The real problem is that after the last world cup when the senior players should have been stepping aside, they were not allowed to retire from international rugby. The younger guys should have been allowed to start coming through and playing with some of those senior players before they stepped down. Unfortunately the England management did not see it that way and just wanted the quick wins without planning for the long term.
    I look forward to the loosing streak going for at least the next 2 matches against the Springboks.
  3. A step in the right direction would be to get rid of Robinson. He's a lead weight around the neck of English rugby.

    I can't believe I had to turn down my ticket allocation for the Irish Autumn Internationals-fecking promotion boards!!!
  4. Look on the bright side; the Boks were absolutely shocking against Ireland today. No disrespect to the Irish, they played superb Rugby, but no way should a Springboc team lose by that margin to a Nothen Hemisphere team.
    I think England v. RSA will be a very close game.
  5. Andy Robinson has been remamed Pumpkin by the RFU. They are hoping that one day he will turn into a coach.
  6. He looked like he had 1000 yard stare after the game. He needs to GO.
  7. Allow me to play devils advocate.

    As I said somewhere else:

    "I wouldn't want to be a coach, you do your best, 15 other people mess up and its you that gets fired"

    Ok, he's not the best coach ever, but when you have players doing a back-row move from about 10 metres in front of your own line, rather than allowing the fly-half to send it into orbit, the coach cannot be to blame. He doesn't drop the passes, he doesn't be greedy when we have a 5 man overlap (Corry) among other things.

    Call-up Laurence and Phil Vickery, then things might get a bit more stable when they're fit. Pat Sanderson needs to be flanking, if anywhere, and who the fuck is Magnus Lund?

    As well as that, if we're going to call up an inexperienced back row player, make it Dan Ward-Smith of Bristol, surely the in-form Number 8 in the Premiership at the moment.
  8. It's always the easy option to say fire the coach.
    Nobody else will do any better with the currently available pool of 'talent'.
  9. Don't agree. There are some good players out there. Robinson picks the team, tells them how to play. He has lost it.
  10. So now we beat SA, can we beat the Boks again this Saturday?
  11. Apparently Rob Andrew gave Robbo a target of 2 wins from the autumn games. So if we lose against the Boks this time he's on his bike. Andrew to replace him? Who else is there?
  12. Without being too radical - not any options. I suppose you might need to change things around completely. How about bringing in Martin Johnson and providing him with a decent coaching staff?
  13. With the current line up, yes.
    Vickery is looking good, and it's about fecking time that Goode got recognised to start !! Why oh why was he not selected over Hodgson at the beginning of this series?

    The thing with Robinson is that he appears to be re-active, instead of pro-active.

    And i agree with others that the back row needs sorting out. Worsley is a steady selection, Corry and Sanderson need to switch positions.
  14. Great kicking from Goode - at last a danger man!
  15. How long ago did I saythat :D

    Like ive said on another thread, bring in Johnson!