Quinsy tonsillectomy/peritonsilar abscess

Have been diagnosed as having a Peritonsilar Abscess toward the back of my palate/tonsill area. It's very painful and may require a short operation, a video of the procedure can be found by clicking this huuuuuge link:


My question to any of the doctors on ARRSE is, to your knowledge, is this procedure performed under general or local anasthetic? The video clearly shows a tube going into the airway, suggesting the patient is unconscious during that particular operation, however that was performed on a five year old child (poor little bugger, I can vouch that it rags!) and I am a 26 year old man.

The reason I ask is because that is a shed load of pus which ends up all over the mouth, and if it's just a local anasthetic then I really wish I hadn't seen this video.

Also would anyone know or like to hazard a guess as weither this is reason for a deferral to my application for regular army?


Edited to add a link which works.
I preface this with 2 provisos: I don't do medicals for the army, and I don't do tonsillectomies for anyone, but:

I'm as sure as I can be you will be asleep. I am also sure the army will want you to recover, etc., before beginning basic.

Good luck.

That was a very interesting video. Looks painful. But then so did my mother passing out after seeing it over my shoulder.
Ohh - loverly: that was a wonderful appetiser for my apple pie and custard.. :lol: Only thing wrong was that it just sort of 'flowed', instead of really spurting out and splashing all over Dr Death's eyes... What a great feckin job that must be... :roll:

Edit - definitely local anasthetic - you can tell by the colour of the skin - kid musta thought he was drowning, poor little bleeder (or should that be pusser?)
I had a quinsy whilst serving in NI rushed to the hospital in Antrim where a doctor put some tape around a scalpel blade sprayed some stuff down my throat then went in and cut it open. Like a blister nothing came out until the second incision was made when pus came squirting out of my mouth all over the floor and all over my wife who was squirming just watching!!!

Then (it gets better) the doctor inserted some closed forceps into the wound and opened them, a great deal of screaming and death threats followed after which he told me he would have to do it again!!!

This was followed by 4 days on the ward whilst my temperature came down from 38 degrees.

Hope yours goes or went well.
Happened to one of the chaps on my officer training, his story about it nearly put me off my beer. His was quite far gone, he only realised it was a problem when it started impeding his breathing! It was done under local anaesthetic, produced prodigious quantities of pus and was accompanied by much vomit.

Hurrah for obscure, stomach churning medical conditions.
Usually awake, either with a spray or injection similar to dentists'.

The injection stings like buggery, so you actually won't notice the rest ;-)

Although vid clips normally make it look grim, all the muck flowing out is what's making you rough as a dog, so using a small needle usually means badness is left behind. One good incision, a bit of suction and that's one nicely emptied abscess!

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