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  1. I was instructing some TA officers in battle casualty drills at the weekend and, whilst discussing torniquets, one of them produced a sachet of 'QuikClot' which is apparently some form of highly effective blood clotting agent. He had got it from an ex SF type who was instructing for a civilian survival training company. I asked my brother about this (he's a Naval doctor) and while he had heard of it, he hadn't actually seen it in use or been trained with it.

    Does anyone have any further info? I'm not planning to start dispensing the stuff but it sounded interesting. Thanks.
  2. http://www.quikclot.com/productinfo/clinicalstudies.htm
  3. 3 CS (UK) Med Gp who have just been deployed on OP TELIC 6 are the first medics to be trained and issued for the deployment. They have also been issued the new field dressing and tornique.

    all 3 items will be issued in near future to all medics so i hav been informed.

  4. Hello
    I don't want to start a big old debate about quick clot but I've seen US after action reports that suggest it isn't effective for big bleeds and its a complete mess for the surgeons further down the line.

    If anyone asks about quickclot I do a demo on some raw steak..... then teach them some decent basic control of bleeding techniques

    If you've got time to faff around with opening a packet, not get it in your eyes and apply it in a controlled manner, I think you have the time to apply the mark one digit etc etc


  5. Quick Clot is coming in and is being promotted by COL HODGETTS A&E consultant and is to be used ONLY AS A LAST RESORT.
  6. Does

    "Promoted" in the same sentence as "ONLY AS A LAST RESORT"

    Say something of its efficacy (sp)

    It gives me the impression that......Some B==ger has bought/ordered this stuff, not entirely convinced its works, so we'll use it within very tight protocols (as a last resort)

    Or am I just reading this wrong

    Of course if you use it as a last resort on someone who has lost most of their volume from an arterial bleed it will eventually "stop" the bleeding!!

    If you see my point....
  7. its in boys, read SGPL in April........try not to mention names here please :roll:
  8. Hello

    Can't get access to site, but would be interested to hear more opinions on quick clot

  9. If you are a member of DMS you can get a username by going through http://www.dmsd.mod.uk/login.htm The guy who runs it is very good and usually replies within 48hours. There are also some interesting discussions on other issues within the DMS namely the new hospital ship and the move to Birmingham, and other grown-up subjects.

    The Americans have some experience and some of their forums such as
    http://www.lighfighter.net (emergency med section - registration required) have some medics currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and using the stuff.
  10. Have just had a quick look at the studies mentioned in the site below;


    Now being a bitter & twisted cynic, 100% survivability/ 0% mortality rates in a study promoting this stuff sounds a bit like the Carlsberg/ Whiskas et al adverts. That being said, haven't used it personally, so we'll see.

    Talked with some septic surgeons on Telic 4 & they reckon it does cause them more aggro to remove in theatre. They, however, have massive amounts of surgical capability/ theatre time....
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Are you implying ARRSE doesnt discuss grown up subjects?

    D-L and Foxy are at the forefront of 'grown up'!
  12. dont hold your breath about the hospital ship!!! youve more chance of Blair resigning than seeing that fantasy set sail.
  13. But what would you call it ?

    perhaps the Royal Yacht Britannia,
    The Victoria and Albert,
    The Cherie & Tony
    The Blairitania
    The Hoonic
  14. Rapid clotting agents seem like a really cool idea to some idiots when sitting in a room listening to a rep blather on about the "outstanding bleed stopability" (wtf? speak english) "low contaminent environment transfer rates" (well yes one does always carry a sterile environment with one at all times) and "full reduction of ongoing mortality" (nearly peed myself not laughing at that one). Surgical absorption foam used in surgery to stop leaks is good too, so the cutters say. Out in the real world relying on a sachet of quikclot and little else I would be wary. They keep saying "anyone" can use them. Ok that is all well and good so what does that mean someone with no medical training whatsoever can be given a few sachets and told "right mate you are it for this group anything happens rip it open bung it in" bloody stupid. I still think their claims are completely ludicrous and I would like to see what they would say come the first law suit when the first widow(er) sues the company. Pressure dressings, rapid transfers and skilled experienced medical personnel are a much better method of reducing mortality rates. Cutting costs by cutting back on skilled staff (a thing of which I am always wary when whiz bang things are touted by higher ups) and basic supplies of clinical equipment looks good on the budget but stuffs around those whom are forced to use them.

    Oh and almost forgot to say what about if someone has it used on them and then they chuck multiple clots? Or does that not count in the study results. Damn sight harder to treat a PE or multiple hepatic clots (to pick one organ) than use an ordinary pressure dressing protocol. I would like to see more studies before I gave it even a "last resort" status.

    ....but I may be being a little negative :lol: