Quiet night...I wish

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mareng, May 10, 2008.

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  1. There I was, outside chatting to the guys on the gate, making sure they were happy, when out of now where, Soldier A, as he will be known, comes running through the gate and ducks into the bushes and comes out wielding a hefty length of 2x4, he then proceeds to run out the gate in the direction from whence he came, towards the commotion we could now hear... :?

    "Soldier A, what the funking 'ell are you up to, get your Arrse back here" Shouts I as Soldier A disappears up the road at the speed of a thousand gazzelles.

    Stepping in to the road, and what a sight I am greeted with...

    Soldier A has handed Soldier B the 'baton' and Soldier B is now facing down a rather large crowd of people that had just chased the pair from the vicinity of the local hostelry.

    To cut a long story short, and reduce the chance of revealing anything I shouldn't, the Mob ends up out side the main gate, police called, guardshift rousted from the rest room, dog patrol was close by (damn good timing) Sgts mess had just closed, providing plenty of bods on the ground (albeit in twos and slightly pished).

    I've never seen a crowd disperse quite so quickly! its amazing what a few blue lights and an angry dog can do.

    Best line of the night though, goes to the Guard Commander..

    "If you come through this gate, I'd worry less about the guy with the weapon, he wont do a thing, its that you want to worry about.."

    Points to very big, angry looking dog being released from the vehicle that had just pulled up.
  2. Stumpy mk2?
  3. :? :? :?

    You what now?
  4. Good old stumpy, we could do with some more ripping yarns!
  5. Ok, I'll bite (excuse the pun) what had soldiers A & B done to piss off the local civpop?
  6. Mareng said:


    Had a similar experience when I started a commotion outside the local strip club.

    Only problem was the guy that pulled up at the front door was not a dog, but my first sergeant!

    I have never been so embarrassed!

    I left. About two minutes later. Never to be seen again.
  7. i wanna know what the fuck your lads were doing with a stick hidden in readiness by the gate.
    sounds like they were setting someone up and got more of a reaction than they counted on.
  8. I almost had a Stumpy 2, I was training him to hate all civvies, but he died just before I met Auld Sapper last year.
    He is still working on producing the extended tales apparently, but interweb connections are not easy to get in the Algarve and he was overly busy rebuilding the old mill house he is now living in. I hope like hell I can get out there again this year and have a few more beers on the river with him.
  9. That did cross my mind, but the bushes in question are behind the guardroom, and Soldier A was on the shift until recently. There is actually quite a varied selection of pieces of wood in there.

    As for what they had done to get the attention of the local CivPop, thats anyones guess, I am assuming that they were being themselves (a pair of cnuts, to be honest) after a day on the piss.

    I should have mentioned perhaps, that all this happened about 4 hours ago, so the full picture and the fallout are still be become apparent.
  10. Re Army dogs. 1 Para in NI had a dog section. Animals all thought they had done P course - quite mad.
    A cartoon appeared outside Unity Flats. Big hard dog with maroon-bereted man on a rope. Dog is saying "If you do not disperse, I'll release my handler"
  11. I'm looking forward to the next installment already!

    :D :D :D

  12. Exellent stuff,i'm being whisked back to my youth. :D
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Come on - fess up - you must know more by now!!
  14. Are a thousand gazzelles faster than one gazzelle? :?

    Yea, be careful, of all the hundreds of similar incidents outside barracks all over the UK last night you wouldn't want to slip up with anything specific that may point the finger towards Southampton! :wink:
  15. Fcuk me, the White Horse is still open? If it was, Im suprised there were any "irate locals" in there to:
    a. P1ss off
    b. chase anyone

    unless a boat was in of course!