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Quiet Britons outpace US in taming Iraq

Saw the way the Yanks behaved in Kosovo!! No concept of "Hearts and Minds". Completely dumb insular ********* who have no concept of anywhere outside of their own State never mind another continent.

While Brits were soft hats, chatting to locals and getting good int. Yanks driving round in Hum-Vs or Armour, helmets, shades, magged up hard targetting with a .50cal and generally being disrespectful. IE shitting themselves!!
In Afghanistan lads were told to take off their shades and from what i am told it is the same in Iraq. Surely the Americans can see it looks disrespectful and they need to get a pair of ray-bens instead of that duty free crap.
Not wishing to set off another bout of yank slagging (there's more than enough on ARRSE already - no hang on there's never enough yank slagging, they have goldfish like memories that need constant reminders), but they just don't get it. Okay, I accept that they are taking lots of casualties on a daily basis, the Baghdad/Sunni triangle area is infinitely more hostile than the Shia south is for 20 Armd Bde at the moment, but their whole psyche and doctrine is geared towards the use of overwhelming force and coming down hard on anyone who challenges them in even the slightest way. Shoot first ask questions later. Changing that would be like trying to J-turn a supertanker.

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