Quiet afternoon

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Filbert Fox, Jul 8, 2004.

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  1. quiet isnt it?
    not a lot happening on here, just a few bone hardy replied to posts (like this one)
    weathers crap, looking out of my window, its windy, wet, hardly anyone around, just a bloke who looks like Tony Blair desperately trying to burn soggy paper and some old bloke walking a dog.
    anyone elses afternoon as dull?
  2. Tell us where you are, and I will come round and liven it up :twisted:
  3. Weathers dull, works dull, threads dull, i'm dull, dull,dull,dull, oh and bored. :?
  4. Yea its been feckin dull today even ARRSE hasn't brightened the day up. tHe only highlight I had was the gym :( :(
  5. do you have massive lungs and a large quantity of soap?
  6. Well I've just spent the morning and lunch time having a wonderful time working in the city Town Hall ! Then I come back and find a bitch fight has started cos someone calls me a pedo, and the thread is locked ! I feel cheated!
  7. And this thread isn't helping to cheer me up
  8. Oh Gunny, I am sorry about that, I didn't mean it....nakid pic on its way to you as means of apology! :wink:
  9. it would if Cait and MoodyBitch popped round with a couple of large bars of imperial leather, a jug of warm water and a loose fitting t-shirt each :wink:
  10. You forgot the beer :D :D
  11. TiaMarias bringing that :wink:
  12. I know, you make one little post about employing a plump Albanian boy to "finish you off", and people start calling you a nonce! :lol:
  13. all out of imperial leather, will baby oil do?
  14. Exactly bernoulli. What I do with my house boy is my business, even if he does take a pumping in the arrse department.
  15. very probably :wink: