In the heart of a cold wet English winter a few dreamers (or fools depending on your perspective) sketched out the plans for what was to become the web's first cashback cooperative. What drove us was a brilliant concept that turned traditional advertising models on their head. What if savvy consumers received referral commissions for their own informed shopping decisions? What if the referral commissions that fund so much spam were given to the informed consumer rather than the aggressive advertiser?

What if we reversed the roles so that the advertiser was passive and the consumer in control?

The idea of a site that used referral commissions to fund cashback was not a new one. However, we were tired of these cashback sites making promises of big cashback while they kept half the commission to themselves. We were tired of the endless spam links for these sites pasted across forums and newsgroups.

We wanted a cashback site with a heart (that didn't look a pound sign).

And from these passions Quidco was created. An ad-free cashback cooperative that passes on all referral commissions in exchange for keeping £5 a year as an admin fee.

The Quidco revolution has continued to grow from strength to strength with consumers flocking to a concept that tries not to insult their intelligence...or their wallet. We've been thrilled to hang on for the ride so far and have been humbled by the amount of support we've received from Quidco members.

Keeping it Quidco'ing...

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