Quickly approaching 26th Birthday.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by n844, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Dear Sirs/Madams,

    Hope you're all doing well.

    Since I was 18 there have been a few times when I have been very close to submitting an application to join the army. Forwhatever reasons I have gone down other routes in my life but I have made a decision recently that I am going to make a go of it.

    I am due to turn 26 on the 14th July (next sat). How will this affect things? Will I have to make some sort of appeal to get in? If so who to?

    I have so far submitted an online application and I will be going to the careers office tomorrow morning.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Best, n844.
  2. Quick question, Why did you suddenly decide you were ready for joining the army? What changed in the last 8 years?


  3. I could be slightly off here, however I believe that the boat has well and truly sailed for officer entry:

    Other than the above roles, there is possible age exemption for entry as a Professional Qualified Officers. It is still possible for soldiers to commision when older, however I personally wouldn't enter as a soldier if my only reason was to one day get a commision.
  4. Hi guys,

    I went down to my careers office and yes the boat has sailed for officer. I have registered my interest for joining as a regular solider and will be doing the initial tests next tuesday. Also I will be going to the TAs tomorrow to see about joining as an officer with them.

    Any advice on the tests?

    My reason is that I had my parents initially dissuading me from joining, then an ex girlfriend who didnt want me to join. Now I'm in a place in my life where im ready and raring to go.

    Thanks for you help, n844.
  5. The best way forward is to post any naked photos of your ex on here. It will make you feel better.
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  6. And dont forget his mum. At 26 his mum should still me worth a punt.

  7. Try not to take it the wrong way but the reasons you were initially discouraged about joining could lead people to question your commitment to joining. Personally I was quite lucky and my family/gf would rather that I stayed behind a desk, but fully support me joining the army and encourage me to really go for it; I can guarantee that had my gf gone against it then I'd lose her rather than my potential career. I guess that may be easier said than done though.

    With regards to the soldier tests, you should fly straight through them if you felt you were sufficiently qualified for an officer role.

    BARB - A set of TIME sensitive multiple-choice questions where you get 0 points for a wrong answer and more points based on the speed of your correct responses. None of them are overly difficult but try maintain a good balance of speed and accuracy - also note that (if still the same) once you click an answer it automatically moves to the next question, so don't double click ever!

    Literacy - Spell the missing word/Which word would best fit in this space/What does this word mean/spot the spelling/grammar errors.

    Numeracy - Tom gets the bus to town, it costs £1.70 and he pays with a £5 note. How much change does tom get? (that was an actual question on mine...) The questions get a little harder but they appeared to be testing the basic mathematic principles, rather than seeing if you can calculate hugely complicated sums.

    I have heard quite a people people advise applicants to have a quick go at the GCSE maths/english questions on the BBC Bitesize page as a bit of prep. You genuinely shouldn't struggle with these. I believe the highest BARB score required for any role is ~65 and I know of a lot of people who have (claimed) to have easily exceeded this.

    Good luck with your application.
  8. There are exemptions for joining as an officer after the age of 26 for certain specialities but these are very difficult to secure and it is highly desirable that you possess transferrable skills for the role you are pursuing.

    There is quite a marked difference between joining as a regular soldier and reservist officer so think before you leap.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I'll start preparing for the BARB test. I wore a suit today to try to make a good impression. Can I go in casual clothes to the BARB or should I dress up again?
  10. Also I'm upping fitness with a 2 days on 1 day off reigime, doing a 2 mile jog and pressups, situps, pullups. What else should i be doing fitness wise or is there a better way to train?
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about dress. Just make sure you get mummy to spit in her handkerchief & wipe off the worst chocolate spots from your face before you go into the test :wink:
  12. When I was applying for a soldier role, I attended all of my interviews/tests in a suit. There's nothing wrong with looking like you're taking it seriously. The only time I saw my ACIO in casuals was when collecting train tickets, giving updates on officer application and when I saw them out in town painting the town well and truly red.

    With regards to the fitnes training. Try train both 2mile runes and longer 5-10 mile runs to build up stamina. Having a strong 1.5 time is great but you could use some stamina to help prep you for P1.