Quickie Commissions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Would I be wrong in assuming the PQO is a tad too quick

    This is a photo from a RMAS passing out parade. Surely they been told how to get dressed properly and where to get their uniform tailored ?

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  2. Well, the offender looks like a Lt and is in the company of Captains, not other 2Lt's... interesting... not an RMAS graduate perhaps??

  3. The PQO scheme can commission you at Capt rank
  4. Fair enough, my bad.

    Well 3 weeks isn't going to turn them into perfect officers is it? I'd rather that they were good at their job than had their trousers correct to a millimeter.

    JPA? Can't wait for that cluster to happen.

  5. This must be a picture from the regular LEOC course attended now by all LEs on commissioning. They are all wearing Sam Brownes and are a mix of cap badges. I have to say if this a picture from a LEOC cse then I am very dissapointed in the standard of turnout considering these chaps have only just made the step from Warrant Rank.
  6. In my ignorance I assumed REGULAR LEOC, but forgot to check if the TA have an equivalent. Do you?
  7. It's the TA PQO course pass out parade, as it's from the 306Fd Hosp and 335 MER magazine. All the capbadges are AMS if you look.

    I passed out in S95 at S'hurst, so the SD look is better, even if a lot of it hasn't been tailored properly!!

    I now have a set of SD but have no idea where to get it tailored. Any suggestions for Lancs/Cumbria?
  8. Perhaps, like me, they were issued it the Tuesday before TACC (i.e. 3 working days before), and had to spend their nights sewing the buttons on etc.....
  9. I like the caption for that photo
  10. Yep and strangely enough its two weeks long :brilsmurf:
  11. Is the other corps QA's? (with the other two RSIGNALS and RAMC)
  12. As much as I decry the obvious poor tailoring effort (he's probably a Dr, thus gets a bit of leeway), I feel I should mention that the Reg PQO cse is only 4 weeks, with the TA joining in week 3 on the joint courses (though many do the lot where able & my unit encourages this).

    And, yes, that is a QA No1 hat you can see.
  13. Very unlikely to be LEOC not a medal in sight except on DS.