Quickie - Book - SAS Operation storm

Book - SAS Operation Storm.

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Treat your mam, she's a whore but loves SAS books.
£25 as there is a 25 Pounder on the front cover - makes sense to en ex - Gunner !
Review from Hodder & Stoughton:

SAS OPERATION STORM is the inside story - told by those who took part - of the greatest secret war in SAS history. The tipping point, Mirbat, South Oman, 19 July 1972 is one of the least-known yet most crucial battles of modern times.

If the SAS had been defeated at Mirbat, the Russian and Chinese plan for a communist foothold in the Middle East would have succeeded, with catastrophic consequences for the oil-hungry West.

SAS OPERATION STORM is a page-turning account of courage and resilience. Mirbat was a battle fought and won by nine SAS soldiers and a similar number of brave local people - some as young as ten years old - outnumbered by at least twenty-five to one.

Roger Cole, one of the SAS soldiers who took part, and writer Richard Belfield have interviewed every SAS survivor who fought in the battle from the beginning to the end - the first time every single one of them has revealed their experience.

SAS OPERATION STORM is a classic story of bravery against impossible odds, minute by minute, bullet by bullet.
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About the Author
Roger Cole was born in 1944. He joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) in 1964, his first posting being to Germany. In 1968 he passed his SAS selection course and joined B Squadron, 22 SAS in Hereford. He did various tours in classified areas, including Dhofar, Oman. He returned to the RAOC in 1977 and rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class 1. He has served with the British Army in Germany, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands. He retired from the army in 1986.

Richard Belfield is an award-winning television producer/director, author and playwright. His television programmes have won prizes on both sides of the Atlantic. As well as Terminate With Extreme Prejudice he is the author of Can You Crack the Enigma Code? He is a Director of Fulcrum TV.

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