Quickest way to break assault boots in?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Quickest way to break assault boots in? Need to break a pair in for some fitness I am doing in them on Sunday.
  2. Not giving yourself much time, but you could saturate them and wear them about the house, climb stairs etc.
  3. Yeah, no quick way I'm afraid. You could make someone else in your family wear them every day thus giving someone else blisters and leaving you fresh for training!
  4. sit in bath with them on til they are soaked through and wear all time
    Edited: damn beat me too it

    and cover any sores with lots of tape on sunday
  5. Nowhere near enough time.

    Find someone who doesn't need their feet for the next 6 weeks and ask him or her to do about 50 miles in them.
  6. Thats not a daft idea i have done that myself,

    you might want to cover the hammer with a towel or something to stop you tearing the leather......aparently the Rasman might not like that.
  7. You can help things along by a fair bit if you put on a thin layer of Neats Foot oil, found at a good saddlery/horse supply shop. Softens the leather and makes them mould to your feet easier, though dont put on too much (i do mean one layer wiped on with a cloth, no more) or the leather around the laces will stretch meaning they become looser fitting. Also helps soften the support strip on the ankle like Mr_Deputy said.
  8. Glad somebody asked this as my 10 smalls finally came last night and I need to break them in for this weekend
  9. What is the purpose of wetting them and wearing them until dry? Is it so that they shrink and mould to the size/shape of your foot? Is this an effective way of doing it, or an old wives tale?

    Some lads in my troop recommend pissing in them, though that idea didn't appeal to me.......
  10. whist at Pirbright factory, 1st thing we did with the new boots was go for run through canal, it wasn't very deep then, and kept wearing them until they dried, no problems after a couple of days rather than weeks
  11. p1ssing in them works.
  12. I heard that something in piss breaks down the leather making them softer or something like that. Even if it worked 100% I wouldn't do it.

  13. I would!

    Hahaha - in someone elses!
  14. Kick a Chav to death? It might not break your boots in, but you'll have a lot of fun trying - and you'll be giving something back to the community!

    I'll get my coat... :oops:
  15. Easy, You'll need:

    White wine vinegar
    A bic disposable razor
    A tin of polish
    3 frogs
    Some strands of hair from a virgin
    3 teaspoons of laughter
    Salt and Pepper
    A big pot
    A moonlight night...

    Or, you could just wear them a lot, like stated in the above.