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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Man_of_Steel, May 15, 2008.

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  1. So I recently applied for the Army and RAF but have a few questions for you all. Since all the clever people join the RAF would that be a better career path? I was unsure whether I should lower my own standards to the army, due to me being from a middle class family. I know you all probably feel intimidated by me and my level of class, but don't worry, I will answer all of your questions and nice comments with the utmost of grace and purity. So any other advice by you gentlemen would be appreciated.
  2. Heres some advice......WAH OFF!
  3. Personally I don't think we would feel comfortable in the army around someone of your massive intellect and obviously higher class in life, bearing in mind we were all brought up in council flats and have dangerous inbred dogs (although some of our estate call them girlfriends!) so I think you would be better joining the RAF they love chaps like you there.

    Excuse me I have to go and watch Jeremy Kyle some of my neighbours are on todays show.

    Oh I think I may sneeze....WAAAAAHHHHHHH! sorry! I'll just wipe that on my primark hoody.
  4. @Saintstone: Do you think you're a templar or something? A Christian crusader, grow up. You joined the army so you could fight Orlando Bloom or pillage innocent Muslim convoys on horses?

    Steve "Is that a can of beer in your hand Bill?"

    Bill "Yeah!"

    Steve "Wah!"

    Bill "Bugger, been Wah'd again!"

    That's an example? Did someone with down syndrome do it?
  5. @Charlotte: No problem, you going to the corner of the road now to work?
  6. Nah I can't work cuz it fcuks up my social innit!
  7. MoS, you are obviously far too good for us pongoes, so get your arrse over to E-Goat. When you have some service under your belt, then come back and thrill us with your witticisms as we may have grown up a tad, but I very much doubt it as we have too much fun as we are, you boring fuckwit. You are just what we need, another gobby noob.
  8. We don't want his sort in the RAF either....... got more than our fair share of throbbers that go through the lincs academy! :)
  9. You can't be anywhere near as intelligent as you make out, otherwise you would have far better things to do with yourself rather than wasting your time trying to annoy people on an online Forum. I'd steer clear of the forces altogether if I were you, I think you should aim towards a career in politics. It would suit you far better.
  10. @Charlotte: If you only whore under 17 hours, don't you still get your benefits? Or do you have to declare all hidden extra's and extended client hours The RAF just called, I could tell he had an high IQ because he said 'Hello is Superman there?' The army would of said ''Duh, duz I pres da button wit da syloble dat isn't in da abc's.''
  11. he's probably just a chav with a stolen laptop, piggybacking a taxpayers wifi!
  12. Don't be bloody selfish (shellfish?) crabby....he obviously wants to join your gang so we are just encouraging him!
  13. Then perhaps I could force budget cuts on an already overfunded army.