Quick update from Nightrained - 20 SQN RE on HERRICK

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Quick update from Nightrained from a thread (on comfy boxes) in The NAAFI:

    Hang in there, NT - and keep your head down as necessary. Keep us in the know.

    Must be bad if you're missing your meals!
  2. He more than likely just slept in :wink: :D :p
  3. I shall use this thread to update Engineer updates. Obviously Opsec rules apply.

    I got some pictures from the MGOB, I shall upload the damage later, a few panels, but enough damage done.

    Gurkah Engineers from 69 Sqn in support of 40 commando are being pounded daily at Fob Inkerman, possibly the worst and most basic fob.

    Missed meal was later sorted out by a quick trip to the naafi to make up the calories that I used up on this mornings run.
  4. Cheers NT.
  5. Good to see 20 sqn guys still out running!
    Had a great time in 20 sqn.
  6. And of course "The Taliban" are not reading these threads either?

    "Be like Dad Keep Mum"

    Just a thought
  7. Thats why he hasnt mentioned his single man attacks behind enemy lines. Leave the other month? just a cover. he was deep south working his way north, slitting throats as he went.

    "NT. Making the SAS look like a kindergarten outing, since 2006..."
  8. Intelligence is a wonerful tool and is used by all those in conflict, any little piece links to another, even with vieled speech you can give an opening to the enemy!
    When I first came on here, there were two who knew me and i had left in 92 having never served in the Middle East.

    All I say is CAUTION
  9. I've been outed I see. The only reason I went on this tour was to become a sucessful author.