Quick translation into Danish, please....

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. I'm winding up ( to the point of apoplexy ) a dane on an unrelated website. He is enetering into a battle of wits and failing miserably, and what would REALLY make him mad would be a post to him in Danish.

    So, if any of Peter Schmeichels' countrymen are out there would they mind a quick English -> Danish of the following?

    PM to save boredom and thanks in anticipation....


    Your devotion to my posts is as admirable as your command of the English language. However, by now you should have learned that I really am that much clevere than you and like I've said earlier, if you throw stones at the Big Boys you should not bleat when eventually they throw one back.

    Good lad."

    Should make for apoplexy....


  2. Try this


    Uor luv von mi postes es strong and uor Engleesh ish werry werry goad. Bit, Uo yet shud av larned dat my brainsh is werry werry biggor als uors unt as Iv tuld uo bevor, Wenn stoins uo trow von de Werry big boish denn - Feck Me! Bigg Suprise when de Werry big boish feck Uo oop."
  3. Froma danish friend, who had a chuckle maybe at my expense.... :p


    din hengivenhed for mine breve er lige som beundringsvaerdig som din
    kontrol over det engelske sprog. Hvorom alting er, saa burde du dog nu
    have indset at jeg reelt er saa meget klogere end dig og som jeg har
    sagt tidligere, hvis du kaster med sten mod de tunge drenge skal du
    ikke jamre naar de til sidst smider en enkelt sten tilbage.

    God dreng"
  4. How about this?

    I take no responsibility if this message results in you being visited by a large hairy Scandinavian with rape and pillage on his mind.
    Or if it actually makes fcuk all sense in Danish.

    http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml Have to click it twice for some reason
  5. No - surely not - not even in Danish. And we all know about some of their stranger sexual deviances....
  6. Tick v. good, smiley hippo sticker, 10 out of 10 - class translation

    Learned English at 7, brought up in Danish
  7. Guys, he is foaming at the mouth.

    Can I have a few banked up, please, as follows?

    a. Your devotion is much appreciated, my lovesick puppy.
    b. Shall I send you a Special Photograph?
    c. You are becoming just a bit obsessed.
    d. Best stop now, you are boring everybody.

    Thanks in anticipation....
  8. LostBoss...

  9. Very amusing Bravo Bravo!

    Know it might be too late, but try these.

    Din hengivenhed er værdsat, min lille hengivne hundehvalp
    Skal jeg sende dig et specialt foto?
    Du er blevet ret besat!
    Du hellere stoppe, du keder os!

  10. God I feel smug...thanks matey.
  11. I've dropped the first one....
  12. He's come back and asked for "a translation, sød sild?

    Quick - what does that mean?

  13. Literally, "sweet herring" - colloquially, something like "my precious".
  14. Could be worse, he could have said 'Jeg elske dig' then you would be in a hole, theoretically speaking!