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OK Troops - I'm having a bad day - but can any of you remeber what the fcuk quick train was - iIe got an idea it was something like Active Edge but cant for the life of me remember and its bugging me - ok I need to get a life but please can some one refresh my alcohol addled brain
It was crash-out time in BAOR. Y'know, where they drag everybody out of their pit at silly o'clock in the morning and force them to squat in the vehicles for hours on end to learn whether it's a pukka crash-out, or whether everybody can stand down again and go back to bed. Always a waste of time.

And the one I remenber the worst was driving a ferret in -18 degrees in the snow to an rv about half an hour from Hohne, I can honestly say I have never been so bloody cold!
Yep, that's the one. Our room wailed that we were just off night shift......... but we went anyway
I agree with the others; Ex Quick Train was the predecessor to Ex Active Edge in BAOR in the early 70s. Not certain when they changed but I reckon it was probably c1976. I might search the loft for my diaries if I am really desperate for something to do in the next week.....



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REMEMBER IT!!!!!!! FFS it was designed to try and keep the troops out of the company bars. Why did all QTs get called on payday (weekly pay, in cash, over the table), the Russkies did not have to do much intel work, all they had to do was attack on payday! Did it work NO :lol: I remember one QT when the whole Bn vehicles were driven onto the square from the MT park by 3 (yes three) people, they were then manned by those who had been dragged from Company bars, brought from the pads and returned from downtown. The CO saw this and said that NO vehicle was to leave the square.

Not one of our better QTs and for which the Bn had a lot of extra 'training'. :roll:

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