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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Just wanted to say a quick bye and thanks to everyone for everything ive learnt here as im off to catterick come sunday. Even the ones who were arrses to me taught me to keep my mouth shut and im pleased i learnt to wind me neck in here rather than actually at catterick. Any last minute tips or hints, advice or warnings etc would be met with much gratidude as i am indeed cacking meself.

    Thanks again
  2. Good luck mate , only advice from me is rule number 1 )Dont ever get caught ,oh and dont lend any money to anyone until youve known them for a while.
  3. Good luck Bud.
  4. Good luck Brad , mouth shut, eyes and ears open , don't be last , make a buddy as soon as possible.
  5. Good look Bradders.

    Remember, if you're struggling with anything, try to break it down into mini problems-that way you'll find it a lot easier!

    As you're already aware, ears open, mouth shut. Don't get yourself noticed for the wrong reasons.

    Don't get dropped off in that horrendous car of your's/your Mum's boss etc.

    My top tip though....

    Don't eat yellow snow. :wink:
  6. Enjoy, the best years of your life are just beginning. Or something like that..
  7. defo don't lend anyone money - or buy beers without getting any back. And laugh (from the inside) at all the stupid things the screws do to piss you off! Good luck
  8. Bradders, good luck and remember, don't let them see you cry!
  9. Good luck mate, remeber you'll be on ARRSE this time next year telling the next bradshaw what not/what to do, basically answering the questions that you've been asking. its not as bad as it seems so dig deep mate.

  10. Stay out of Jesters, and if you pull a bird from Colburn....... run
  11. hear everything say nothing remember everything.
  12. Good Luck, and see you on here telling us all we were right :) :)
  13. Try not to get into a same sex relationship whilst in training,all though it's allowed these day's it's still frowned upon ! :hump:
  14. There was me thinking you were Milan not Mortars..
  15. Eat, sleep, drink whenever the opportunity arises.
    Look after your bloody feet!
    Oh, and dont wipe your ar$e with a broken bottle.