Quick, simple Question about females and weight

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by keeffy, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. no i believe that they carry a reduced weight however engineers carry a higher weight than RLC etc so they might carry the same weight as you lot
    he he
  2. most of the ones i've seen are carrying more weight than the blokes...

    some have trouble crossing an MGB unless it's got pier and link installed

    (aaaaaaargh pier and link....flashback....going to lay in a dark room until the clanging in my head stops)
  3. normally they can start off quite slender when they join BUT they soon get issued their ARRSE & the then they get issued the worlds biggest set of cbt 95 trs to shoe-horn said ARRSE into.

    this appears to be the case across every cap badge within the army along with the raf/navy working toward army standards.
  4. Jesus this depresses me, the blind leading the blind. One fcuking bone, loaded, question followed by an equally bone and fcuking wrong answer. Information superfuckinghighway? More like information mongbahn.

    All RE personnel carry 20Kg of kit during the CFT, irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender, trade, rank or sexual orientation, unless they are parachute or commando roled, in which case they carry 25Kg like proper people. It says so here.
  5. Simple answer is yes. More complicated to find out how many actually do it!
  6. I'd imagine it depends on what job you're doing?
  7. no place for wretches or women in the Corp.

  8. Paoli
    pull your head out of your arse you fcuking mong and see the answer for what it was.

    Fcuking Knob. what got no sense of humour where you come from!
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  9. we don't need any doris' in the corps is what i think he was aiming at dear.
  10. that would be correct. and obviously i meant corps. we're not septics.

    before i recieve a load of incomming......i never met any female sapper who could pull their weight on ANY bridge. The age old argument of 'yes, but some blokes can't do it either' doesn't wash, cos in an ideal world they would be sacked too. And if anyone wants to know what qualifies me to make this judgement.....I TRAINED plenty.

    If people don't like my honesty then i am sorry, but that's life.
  11. You are dinosaur and a c*ck
    If you don’t like my honesty see above
  12. you are entitled to your opinions as i am mine. I formed my opinion during my time TRAINING men and women in special to arms B2 COMBAT ENGINEERING (No women on the B1 courses that I ran at that time). All I am saying is that in the Military Engineer Role (from MY experience of combat engineering gleaned when I WAS IN THE FIELD ARMY for a fair few years) I thought that the females I trained were not capable of constructing a twenty bay double story with sling link and pier (an example). MY OPINION gleaned by my EXPERIENCES. To certain trades they are probably suited, yes. CBT ENGR I FEEL is not one of them. What qualifies you CARRP to make what I can only describe as childish, uneducated and downright rude remarks as you have? Because I tell you now boy, if you said it to my face you would find out just how much of a dinosour I really am.

    green goblin, fair point and well presented. I think that if students (regardless of sex) were evaluated without external (figures) pressure then few if any women would have passed, and quite frankly MANY men would have failed also. Obviously things have changed since my day.

    Sorry to get back onto CARRP, but you don't even know me. To call me a c*ck based soley on the honesty of my opinion really makes you sound like a rude little runt.
  13. Females may shine in other areas that men don't. I can't express my opinion lol.. all I can say is that in Cadets, x% of the females complain, and I simply tell them that they joined at it's what to expect, but then again about x% of the waste of space males complain aswell
  14. Knocker,

    You B'stard, just spurted diet coke out of my nose while reading that.