Quick shout out to Jonathan C as thread was closed

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The fact you commented suggesting that my concern before starting was about how much i'm getting paid. well, it shows you read and reply and don't really think. Please take the time to read other threads / posts / blogs i have participated in..yes it is one question...but one of many.

So before you comment, how about we both take disco's adice and use the search function a little more.
I actually think that Discos main reasons for closing the thread was that unneccassary threads were being opened by lazy people who didnt bother reading through the countless stickies and also by people who just open a thread for no apparant reason (A BIT LIKE THIS ONE). Maybe its about time you took a breath, you have your BLOG and have done well to get a start date but dont run before you can walk ......I DO LIKE THIS BIT YOU PUT ABOVE THOUGH ..........................Please take the time to read other threads / posts / blogs I HAVE PARTICIPATED IN..yes it is one question...but one of many.......................Before you get a bit above your station just reel it in a tadge, I just dont know how the Army survived before you came along :) .
Not a problem Iron. See your point. Just pissed me off a little...but i should of let it slip and just took the advice that was given and use the search and stickies..
There's nothing wrong with doing it for the money kid.

I wonder how many sanctimonious little shits would be left serving solely out of a sense of duty six weeks down the line, were pay to be stopped with a correspondent reduction in obligation due to national cash flow problems?
Not open for further replies.
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