Quick Resume Of Browns Economic Cockups

Discussion in 'Economics' started by tattybadger, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Only TEN! Obviously no further print room.

    A failed Chancellor of the Exchequer promoted to become the worst ever Prime Minister.
  2. Ok, I'll give you that, a starter for ten, now list the rest. I have loaded the printer up with a shed-ful of paper, to match the shed-full of cock-ups, and I bet the support to the military is in a whole section on its own
  3. How the fvck did we end up with someone running the country who hasn't even passed a driving test?
  4. The excuse I heard was that the reason he didn't see the financial crash looming was that it came from his blind side.
  5. Saving the world from poverty by granting foreign nationals a dispensation from UK tax and National Insurance is curiously absent from the list.
  6. He's been a busy man when he hasn't been saving the world.

    What odds are bookies offering for Gordon Brown winning the general election next year?!
  7. Blair stood by Brown for years. As PM he must have known that Brown was a total disaster because there were enough experts queuing up to tell him!
  8. Blair saw all this coming, his timing was impeccable. Brown was always going to be the fall guy, he was so determined to become PM that he didn't spot the trap.
  9. And you don't think Bliar is warming a Euro job seat for the grinning winking tw@t as we type?. :? :?
  10. Yes... I wonder just what McDoom has on Teflon B'Liar to give him the post of 'Chancer' of the Exchequor. Cyclops McRuin must have had B'Lair squeezed tightly by his ballcocks.... He should be renamed 'That Twooking Fat!!' (McDoom, that is!)

    I liked the comments B'Liar made about McDoom soon after he resigned as PM... Speaking about the UK economy..... "It was by good luck, rather than good judgment!" speaks volumes about what B'Liar thought of Cyclop's abilities as 'Chancer' of the Exhequor.

    McDoom 'loved' Teflon Tony just as much..... Two Feckwits together... just made for each other.... trouble is the rest of us had to put up with their farouking petty jealousies..... 8O :)

    (Well, anyway the Norwich North bye-election next week predicts that the Torys may just get in there....) :cry: :wink: