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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by drain_sniffer, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    A friend of mine is having a few admin issues just a few months before he is due to leave after his 22. Is his run out date 22 years from the day he started basic (as he seems to think) or 22 years from his taking the oath in the recruiting office (as JPA seems to think). He joined at 18 years of age.

    quick response please
  2. Make sure you get it right!!

    JPA has chucked a few people out early by mistake.

    They didn't get their pensions either as they didn't qualify.

    They are now living in a shp doorway in London, drinking meths.

    So a mate of mine said...
  3. make sure you double check it mate just to be sure but according to my red book it is to the day you start basic training. omg, i was sad enough to count the days to make sure. i must have nothing to do in work

    hopefully this will help you
  4. It is from the date he started basic training.
  5. ...as long as he was more than 18 years old at the time!

  6. 18, the magical 18 service before 18 is not pensionable.... so if he joined before his 18th then it is his or her 40th birthday plus 1 day!
  7. As others have said, the day he started basic training. eg. If he took the oath on his 18th Birthday but didsnt start basic until 1 month later, his reckonable service would be from his 18yr 1 month point. The month between Oath and basic is unpaid (unreckonable) leave
  8. This has caused real problems with some officers who did soldier service before going to Sandhurst. the old pension system simply started their pensions as at their 21 Birthday, but now of course (if they transfer) they have pensionable service back to their enlistment date.
  9. Less one day...!

    We've done the maths elsewhere, but your 18th birthday is Day 1 and the day before your 40th is the 365th day... so Day 1 of your retirement is your 40th birthday. Happy Birthday, but don't expect JPA to deliver your pension and gratuity until... reportedly.

  10. Details changed but, in essence, correct.

    Woo Hoo! 37 years and lots of months!

    Only 10 years to go... D'oh!

  11. A spreadsheet is distributed by SPS branches every month giving details of individuals due to leave during the following month - Unit admin staff are responsible for the checking of dates and reporting any inacurracies I would advise your mate to check with his admin chain to ensure his dates are sorted.

    Anyone who joined at the age of 18 or older is usually in a similar position - the oath is normally sworn at the careers office, this is the day their service is deemed to start from, then the individual is sent off on unpaid, therefore, non-reconable, leave until their intake is due to report - normally around a week later. This means that their service begins with a short period of non-reconable service which needs to be made up at the end to ensure the full 22 years is completed. This is not a new problem and should be well known to the admin staff - it just needs to be highlighted to JPAC in good time.
  12. Ladies and gents, many thanks for the answers. He seems a bit happier now (to be honest, so would I be if I only had a few months to push)