Quick reply needed ... is this an 81 mm mortar bomb?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Red001, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Need to double-check before captioning it as such on our website ... and need to publish asap, unfortunately!

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  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Not only is it an 81mm mortar round it is a South African manufactured 81mm mortar round unless I am very much mistaken looking at the fuze - someone dropped it down a spout without taking it off safe. Btw might be a WP round - can't make out the colour - it looks black? If it is then it's WP and should be avoided and treated with great care.

  3. Looks like one.
  4. As it is duck-egg green with a gold band and has HE written on it, I'd say it was HE not WP.
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  5. I can pick out the letters HE ... high explosive?

    Not that I need to go into quite that much detail, fortunately - I won't even be bothering with the calibre, just needed to be sure it was a mortar round, the heaviest thing I ever fired having been a GPMG!

    Many thanks for the help!
  6. Where's it taken?
  7. Btw, if you need to detonate it, you need to spill 3.84 litres of gasoline on it , leaving a trail no longer than than 14 metres away from it @ 6-7 cms splash-width.Think Wiley coyote/ Roadrunner style. Strick match, result. (make sure you're wearing welder's shield.
  8. Would that be bronze green with a golden yellow hazard band? ;) :)

    I'd also say that it has not been fired and landed on a hard surface, with the safety in place. More than likely been involved in an explosion, knowing the country it's in.
  9. Sirte.
  10. Pic was taken yesterday by a Reuters photographer, so anything could have happened to the thing by now. I imagine most people in Sirte are up to speed on not buggering about with UXO. Those who aren't are likely to learn the hard way, so you can bet that we and the Libyan Red Crescent will be hammering that message home pretty forcibly over the next few days and weeks.

    The article to which the pic belongs should appear as one of the small highlights on International Committee of the Red Cross around 2015A.
  11. #

    My bold

    You have got to be joking the locals see uxos as a source of scrap metal to be salvaged at the risks of their kids.

    Ignore my PM, you've answered my question thanks.
  12. Too true.

    If anyone's interested, the article is now online here: Libya: detainees and the dead must be respected
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  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    Now, that is funny, thanks for posting it, I did actually Laugh Out Loud.
  14. Thats deep bronze green fella. I knew those courses at the Mortar Div SWW Netheravon would come in handy one day.