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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Proper_Gander, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. FINALLY got time (and money) to fly to the UK and go to an AFCO to get things started. (aswell as visit friends and family)

    do i need to make an appointment? my impression was i could just walk in and have a chat. could i get an appointment for a BARB test for the next day? or is that unlikely.

    and lastly, should i take anything else with me apart from motivation, interest and my ever so vogue, cosmopolitan self?
  2. I never made any appointment mate, just strolled in. Will say one thing, while I was there a guy turned up looking scruffy and was turned away. (I did not have a shirt or anything of the sort on, was just presentable)
    My barb was 2 weeks after I first went in
  3. and take all your birth cirtificates and so on
  4. excellent.
    not worried about looking too scruffy.

    that doesn't sound like good news, i only have 1 week in the UK for now. hopefully i can squeeze something in

    oh okay, is there anything else i should think of?
  5. Reading back i think i posted in the wrong thread :? :? :?
  6. Which ACIO are you going to?
  7. London, 2-12 Bloomsbury Way, WC1A 2SH

    since it's not too far away from where i'll be staying, which is at my brothers pad
  8. all went well and have an appointment for the BARB next month.
    see what happens.

    what wasn't so easy was a conversation with my brother when he was begging me not to join the army. i have a good life and a fantastic girlfriend and shouldn't throw it away to sit around with some welsh idiots (his words)
    or "imagine the faces of mum and dad if you die or come back paralysed or something"

    and yes it did get me thinking. joining the army as a private IS a step backwards for me really and i have to find out if it really is worth taking that step for me.

    (Officer isn't an option i'm afraid)
  9. I know how you feel.

    My family and friends all say that but after a year of wondering whether they're right or not, I just ask myself whether I'm happy on civvy street or whether i'd be happier in the army. It's not down to them at the end of the day and they should respect your choices you make..

    Best of luck,

    Hope you make the right choice for you rather than for them.
  10. well i've been planning on joining for 3 years now (just had to finish my apprenticeship and wanted to do some travelling first) and been talking about it with my friends for ages. i'm pretty stubborn and hate it if i can't stick to my words.

    still, there i times i think they don't know what they're talking about anyway, since they have no first hand experience. other times i wonder if i actually know what i'm getting myself into.

    in the end though, i want to see and do as much in life as possible, i just hope i can leave the army with lot's of possibilities in civvy street if/when i do.

    i think the monotony of civvy life would be what would haunt me in the end, that is precisely what i want to escape from.

    you'd ask yourself the same thing vice versa if you were in the army mate, i'm sure :wink:
  11. Without a doubt, but until you're there you never know ;)
  12. my point being that you'd be wondering if you'd have a better life in civvy street!

    if you have comfort you seek adventure, if you have adventure you seek comfort.

    it's human nature never to be happy, if it we were any different we'd still be living in caves.
  13. the british army dont need dikheads like you contemplating weather or not to join ,if you said "joining the army as a private IS a step backwards for me really and i have to find out if it really is worth taking that step for me.
    (Officer isn't an option i'm afraid) "you would not get in so why dont you fuk off.and as for your brother if he said that to a taffy soldier he'd get punched
  14. If you are after a life of comfort and luxury then the army isn't for you. If you want to be a man and actually experience real life, as it should be, then you should join.

    Why the hell would you want to join as an officer anyway? Sit in an office and manage other people's careers all your life? pfft.. no thanks, I'll take the front line.
  15. Your exactly right. The british army need people who do stuff without thinking about themselfs or others and just do it on a whim. Think before you speak dipshit... Thinking about it is a good idea. But I do agree if his brother said that to me or any of the Royal Welsh he'd get a nock on the nose